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rotary 3 stage arms

spoa10 | 10,000 lb two post lift | rotary lift

spoa10 | 10,000 lb two post lift | rotary lift

Rotarys tried and true asymmetric two post lift is the only lift youll ever need. This versatile lift can be configured in a multitude of ways. You can choose which arms to include on the lift. You can choose to make the lift faster with Shockwave. You can choose what adapters are included with the lift to make your job and life easier. Rotary engineers have created a patented two-piece, three-stage asymmetrical arm that accommodates a wider range of vehicles.

Versatility in matching the right adapters on a single lift is a win for any service bay and adapters are now interchangeable with three vehicle contact options. Flip up adapters, round adapters and truck adapters. Technicians can choose the best adapter set for each vehicle to be serviced all on the same arm.

Out of my 2 shops I have only 5 Rotary 3 SPOA9 & 2 SPOA10. I wish I had started buying Rotarys first. Ive got Challenge, Benpak and Hunter. Id have bought all Rotarys. While the Hunters have stood up well Ive had to repair almost all the rest at some time. The 3 are 25 years old and Ive had 1 pump fail after 7 years. The 2 are new bought in 2012. I personally like the SPOA10s myself. The front arms are tirples, much smoother and easier to pull out. I bought the round extensions with the flats that screw up by hand. With it and the extensions I can adjust to any height within a 1/4 of an inch. Id give it 5 starts but the newest one had an upper hose seeping from the start, nothing a rag a week didnt take care of until they sent me a new one.

This lift can be configured in many ways. If youre referring to adapters that accept extensions, then normally itll come with 4 short and 4 long adapter extensions. It could also come with flip-up adapters that have extensions that fit over top the actual adapter. Please note were referring to adapters as the part of the lift that engages or contacts the vehicle. Some refer to these areas as feet or pads.

I have a SPOA10 at home and it works. I looked at several lifts before I purchased a Rotary. They may cost a little more but its money well spent. A guy on my road has a big service garage with five lifts none are Rotary. He always has one or two not usable because of cables, hoses, locks, leaks. My lift at work Ive had six years and the one at home, four years. Both lifts have never let me down. I bought all the attachments for the arms again money well spent.

I personally dont own any of these, however I have worked with them for fifteen years, between two extremely busy dealerships, all with SPOA10s along with different four post lifts, 12,000 two post lifts and 18,000 pound two post lifts. These things are absolutely rock solid. We get them inspected and maintained every year by the installing company and Ive only seen one power pack fail. I would love an SPOA10 at home, they will lift anything you can throw at them, and feel safe underneath them.

One of our distributors can help you with anchoring the lifts. If youre talking about a baseplate template they can help you with that as well. Use our service installer locator to find the nearest in your area. https://rotarylift.com/contact/rai-locator/

Tim, The weight of the vehicle would be curb weight, correct. Its the vehicle total weight and anything that could come with it, such as cargo if you have toolboxes, things of that nature. Its always better to error on the higher side so you can work on anything that might come through the door. Since we make the product in the United States we can accommodate customizations like moving the controls lower. Your best option is to work with one of our distributors and they can pass the info to us for anything custom. Please use this link to talk with a distributor and include our conversation here in your messages to them. https://rotarylift.com/contact-distributor/

You have enough room for the standard 220v version of the lift yes. The required ceiling height is 12. If youd like battery-powered Shockwave capable lift youll need an additional 6 of ceiling height for the hydraulic cylinders at the top of the columns.

i am limited on how wide of lift i can fit . on the SPOA-10 how wide is it from outside of post to outside of post .the plates dont mater in my space but need enough room to get between post and wall .thanks

Steve, The plates and anchoring in your space do matter. We have guidelines on how close to edges and control joints anchors are placed. We will send you an email with some reference dimensions to help you better make a decision about the space.

Joe, We do not recommend height extensions with RA (Round Adapters). RA adapters are only for use on unibody vehicles that shouldnt require the use of height extensions. Extensions are available for purchase along with TA (Truck Adapters) that capture the frame within the ears of the adapter. If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to us. Thanks

Great question. We hope this video will help answer this question for you. We also have an explanation of the differences between the two post pages of the website near the bottom of the page. Link included below. https://rotarylift.com/videos/asymmetric-vs-symmetric/ https://rotarylift.com/two-post-lifts/

We do not recommend attempting to alter the configuration of the lift as it was intended to be installed. If you need additional help selecting an asymmetrical lift we can help. https://rotarylift.com/contact/rai-locator/

In our 75 year history these are the worst lifts we have ever purchased. They go up and down fine but once the vehicle is in the air they are very unstable. With a Chevy 1500 series you can get 1-2 of sway movement at the top if you have to apply any sort of force. So much so that the tech that uses it will not lift anything bigger than a SUV on it due to safety concerns. Contacted Rotary and their response was The sway that is seen in the column when checking the vehicle is due to the vehicle being too high off the ground when checking. We specify in our Rotary Authorized Installers (RAI) class that for a 2-post lift you should raise your lift only until tires are off the ground then shake the vehicle. All videos I have seen have the vehicle several feet in the air. This is incorrect. Please inform the customer of the proper way to check vehicle spotting. This sway is not a Rotary issue but from a customer misuse so we cannot replace anything. We can only educate the customer. VERY POOR DESIGN!!!!!!!

Jon, We have your email and will be happy to help work trough any confusion or misunderstanding that might be apparent. We have a video on how to use a two post lift here: https://rotarylift.com/videos/how-to-use-a-2-post-lift/

Bruce, This can be accomplished as weve had customers install lifts between roof trusses or into tray ceiling areas of their shops. It would be best to consult with one of our installers for specifics in your situation as there are many factors that contribute to where the lift will be placed. Our reps can help with ideas you may not have thought about such as running electric, concrete specs, distances in front of the lift. Please see our distributor page for help finding someone in your area who can help. https://rotarylift.com/contact/rai-locator/ Thanks for considering Rotary.

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