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rotary kiln girth gear alignment pdf

maintenance and replacement of rotary kiln girth gear

maintenance and replacement of rotary kiln girth gear

As we all know, large girth gear is one of the commonly used mechanical parts, widely used in rotary kiln equipment. After certain period of operation, rotary kiln girth gear will have different degrees of wear and tear. As a professional girth gear manufacturer, CHAENG (Great Wall Steel Casting) is experienced in girth gear maintenance and replacement, and herein we share some of the rotary kiln girth gear replacement methods and techniques.

Equip a dial indicator at the bottom of the rotary kiln girth gear, then let the kiln turn slowly, and select eight points on the girth gear to measure the radial and end-on jerk value, to determine whether the girth gear deforms. And measure the distance between two adjacent holes on the girth gear which indirectly reflects the bolt hole wear extent, so as to determine whether the spring plate is usable.

When one of the semicircle gears of rotary kiln rotates to the top, remove the pinion to separate the girth gear from the drive system, and remove the bolts after making marks. Then use the winch to rotate kiln body, remove the other half girth gear. At the same time, make sure to prevent spring plate from extrusion and deformation in the disassembly process of the big girth gear.

Make rotary kiln girth gear in the basically correct position, turn the kiln body, use dial indicator to measure the radial and end-on jerk value. Generally use gear root as alignment reference, and weld girth gear with spring plate through electric welding. After loosening alignment tools, perform the second measurement, if there is a great change, disconnect the weld spot and then adjust again.

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