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rotary kiln thrust roller

thrust roller - rotary kiln manufacturer

thrust roller - rotary kiln manufacturer

Rotary kiln hydraulic thrust roller is mainly composed by thrust roller system and the hydraulic system. The axial endplay of the rotary kiln body is controlled by the hydraulic thrust roller, which could make ring rollers and support rollers even wear on totally width, at the same time ensure the straightness of the rotary kiln body central line to reduce the power consumption.

HANDA thrust rollers have the following advantages: compact structure; easy to load and unload; high load capacity; bearings are convenient for assembly and disassembly and have larger radial load capacity.

cement rotary kiln, rotary kiln | cement kiln | agico cement

cement rotary kiln, rotary kiln | cement kiln | agico cement

Cement Rotary kiln, is one kind of lime kiln, belongs to building material equipment. The rotary kiln has wide applications, such as metallurgy, chemical industry, cement, refractory materials, lime, environmental protection and other industries.

Cement rotary kiln, also called clinker kiln, can be divided into dry-process cement kiln and wet-process cement kiln according to the cement production technology. Dry-process cement rotary kiln is mainly used to calcine cement clinker. As the core equipment of NSP cement production line, cement rotary kiln is consist of shell, supporting device, transmission device, lubrication device, moving kiln head, sealing device for kiln tail, burning device and etc. dry-process cement rotary kiln has advantages of simple structure, reliable operation and easy to automatic control in the cement production line.

AGICO Cement is one of leading cement plant manufacturers offers cement kiln and other cement equipment, our cement rotary kiln has been widely applied to many cement plant. Based on 60+ years experience and advanced production equipment, we can provide EPC project and custom-designed solution to cement manufacturing.

Cement rotary kiln is a piece of cement equipment with strong durability, also plays a vital role in the cement plant. If you find any problem in the operation, solve it immediately. In general, the maintenance of rotary kiln is a complex process, here are some tips will be helpful.

First of all, check the fire hole of the rotary kiln is closed or not, ensure the close state to avoid too much cold air. Then, check the windshield of the burner at the kiln door is close to the kiln door. If the air leakage is not closed, it should be pushed to the position of close contact with the kiln door. Third, check the door cover of rotary kiln, if there is the phenomenon of positive pressure ash, should inform the central control to adjust properly. Finally, remember to check air leakage or wear out the phenomenon of resistant material, when you find the above problems, promptly inform the relevant leadership to deal with them.

Check the fish scales sealed in the kiln head, and then check the fitting condition of the fish scales in the rotary kiln and friction ring. If there is any bad condition such as non-fitting, the weight should be adjusted by tightening the device to make it fit. If there is too much aggregate in the reliable rotary kiln, the discharging pipe should be adjusted timely. After that, check the wear condition of the friction ring of rotary kiln. If the friction ring is found to be badly worn or worn out, replace it.

Check the cooling air at the kiln head, and then check the friction between kiln head and the kiln door cover. In order to ensure safety, check the oil film contact of the supporting wheel shaft and thrust plate one by one. Check oil level, oil scoop and oil distribution of rotary kiln. Next, check whether there are impurities, water droplets, oil leakage, collision, loosening and other abnormal conditions, if necessary, the temperature can be measured and control.

The service life of rotary kiln is affected by many factors, such as quality, regular maintenance, etc. AGICO CEMENT ensures the quality of the rotary kiln by strict quality control and advanced technology. Besides, regular maintenance can prolong the useful life of your rotary kiln.

Yes, in order to prevent cold air from entering the rotary kiln and smoke dust from spilling out of the cylinder, the rotary kiln is equipped with a reliable sealing device for the inlet end (tail) and an outlet end (head) of the cylinder, ensuring the sealing performance of the rotary kiln.

The cement rotary kiln produced by AGICO has been optimized and added with e dust filter products for environment protection, which is a new type of environmental protection equipment to reduce the environmental pollution caused by industrial production.

rotary dryer -china henan zhengzhou mining machinery co.,ltd

rotary dryer -china henan zhengzhou mining machinery co.,ltd

After the welding of bases for supporting devices of supporting roller and catching roller, vibration aging treatment should be applied for remove the welding stress. Then, use vertical lathe and boring-milling machine for integration fabrication. This process can guarantee the requirement of fabrication precision and dimension & location tolerance. Installation accuracy of rotary kiln is obviously improved.

Rotary dryers are known as the workhorse of industrial dryers. They are able to process a wide variety of materials, and can lend a hand in nearly any industry requiring industrial drying solutions.The material inside the rotary dryer has heat exchange with the high temperature flue gas through shell rotating and material lifting by lifter.

Therotary dryerhas many good characters like: high drying efficiency, big capacity, high running rate, saving energy, easy for maintenance, long working life. Variety angle of the lifter will increase the heating exchange rate and short drying time.

Rotary dryer is mainly compose of driving device, supporting roller, thrust roller, cylinder, kiln inlet, kiln outlet and sealing device. 1. 2-3 supporting points can guarantee the contacting surface between supporting roller and tyre is paralleled with axis line of cylinder during installation. 2. Supporting device is antifriction bearing (occasionally uses slide bearing). This design has simplified the supporting device of supporting roller, and reduced the useless power loss during operation. It has the features like easy operation and maintenance. 3. Suitable shim between tire and shell will ensure the tire ring on the shell tightly to increase the shell strength. 4. The main driving system uses new type AC variable frequency technology. Compared with electromagnetic speed control and DC speed control, that can save energy, have large range & high precision of speed regulation, high efficiency and running smoothly. 5. Radial direction contacting type sealing device is adopted at kiln inlet and outlet. They are perfect suitable for dimension tolerance of cylinder and skewing movement of cylinder. This sealing devices feature is good performance, longer working life and easy for replacement.

hydraulic thrust roller | thrust roller for cement rotary kiln

hydraulic thrust roller | thrust roller for cement rotary kiln

The thrust roller is an important auxiliary part of a rotary kiln. It is designed to control the axial vibration of the rotary kiln, so that the tyres and rollers can be evenly distributed on the full width. At the same time, it can ensure the linearity of the kiln body centerline, make the big and small gears mesh well, and reduce the power consumption of the kiln process.

The weight of the kiln body cylinder is loaded on the thrust roller through the tyre, and generates radical force and axial force acting on the thrust roller. The radial force makes the cylinder slide downward, and the role of the thrust roller is to overcome the sliding force and push the cylinder to move upward.

Assuming that the total mass of the rotary kiln cylinder is G, the inclination of the rotary kiln is sin , and the angle of the thrust roller is , the radial thrust Fx and axial thrust Fy of the hydraulic roller are:

As the blueprint shows, the thrust roller is loaded on a support with two guide sleeves, through which the two guide shafts are connected to the support. On the support, there is also installed the hydraulic cylinder, and the thrust roller can move back and forth on the guide shafts through the control of the hydraulic oil.

Though hydraulic thrust rollers share the same working principle, there are still some differences in their structures. The thrust rollers are mainly divided into tri-bearing structure rollers and bi-bearing structure rollers.

The thrust roller and the axle are fixed and assembled and loaded in the hollow shaft to make it a thrust roller body. Three bearings are installed between the hollow shaft and the axle. Two of the three bearings are self-aligning roller bearings, which mainly bear the radial force of the thrust roller. A thrust bearing is also installed at the bottom of the hollow shaft, which mainly bears the axial force of the retaining wheel. The three sets of bearings bear the resultant force of all external forces so that the thrust roller is in a stable state.

The thrust roller and the axle are an integral structure, which is connected with the hollow shaft through bearings to form a thrust roller main body. Two bearings are installed in the hollow shaft, one of which is a self-aligning roller bearing, which mainly bears the radial force of the thrust roller; a thrust bearing is also installed at the bottom of the hollow shaft, which mainly bears the axial force.

In the tri-bearing structure, the radial force of the thrust is borne by two self-aligning roller bearings. In the distribution of force, theoretically, two bearings can share the total thrust, but in the actual production process, it is difficult to accurately calculate which bearing bears how much force. So in the design process, to be on the safe side, the upper bearing needs to bear all the thrust to ensure the normal operation of the thrust roller; and the middle bearing can be selected within the design scope according to the structure requirements. This ensures that in extreme cases, the thrust roller can still operate normally.

In the bi-bearing structure, only one bearing bears the radial force, so we only need to consider its bearing capacity. In order to ensure the rationality of the design, the bi-bearing structure is simpler than the tri-bearing system. In the tri-bearing structure, the movement of the bearing adopts the form of tightening inside and loosening outside, which makes the thrust roller rotate through the locking force of the inner ring of the bearing, while the structure of the bi-bearing is opposite, because the thrust roller and the axle are integrated, when the thrust roller rotates, the bearing tightens outside and loosens inside.

Due to the large variation of rotary kiln operating conditions, the total thrust F under these two structures may be affected by many external factors and change greatly, such as the materials in the kiln, the impact of the spherical mixture on local parts, the change of the force of single thrust roller after the change of the centerline, the friction force between the thrust roller and the contact surface of the supporting ring, etc. The direction and size of the resultant force F change constantly when the rotary kiln cylinder rotates. Due to the insufficient self-locking force of the self-aligning roller bearing in the axial direction, the vertical shaft of the thrust roller moves up and down and sways.

Although, theoretically, there is only downward pressure in the axle of thrust roller, in actual production, when the axle moves up or sways, the lower thrust bearing bears not only axial force, but also certain radial force, which may cause the bearing roller to disengage from the track, destroy the bearing force balance, and result in excessive local force and damage. Therefore, at the beginning of the design, some extreme considerations must be taken into account to ensure the stable performance of the thrust roller.

As the core device in a cement plant, the rotary kiln must be able to work safely and stably even after a long time of continuous operation. And in mechanical designs, a simple structure is usually more stable than a complex one.

As to the two widely used thrust roller structures, the tri-bearing structure is small in size, but has more parts and a rather complex design; the bi-bearing structure is large in size, but has a simpler design and is more stable in operation.

roller | prmdrive

roller | prmdrive

The thrust roller is one of the key core components of the rotary kiln. It is located on either side or both side of the belt which is close to the gear ring in middle of rotary kiln. It is divided into two types: the ordinary thrust roller and the hydraulic thrust roller. The rotary kiln thrust roller is mainly used to limit (ordinary thrust roller) or control (hydraulic thrust roller) the axial sway of the kiln body. PRM can provide rotary kiln parts according to customer drawing and technical requirement. Product: Application: Material: Weight:

Product: rotary kiln support roller, support wheel Application: Material: Weight: Support roller bears the whole weight of rotary kiln (including barrel, inside bricks, heat exchange device inside kiln, raw material, rolling ring, gear ring), it makes the barrel and the girth gear running smoothly on kiln support roller. Therefore, It requires supporting roller with strong endurance.

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