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sindh engro copper ore mining company

sindh engro coal mining company and china power international signed mou to set up 6,000 mw power plants | engro corporation

sindh engro coal mining company and china power international signed mou to set up 6,000 mw power plants | engro corporation

Karachi, August 17: A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company Ltd (SECMC, a joint venture between the Government of Sindh and Engro Powergen a subsidiary of Engro Corporation Limited), China Power International Holding Ltd (CPIH), and Sino Sindh Resources (Pvt) Ltd (SSR) to develop 6000 MW of Thar coal based power plants in Sindh.

CPIH is a wholly-owned core enterprise of China Power Investment Corporation, one of five State Power Corporations in the Peoples Republic of China. The principal business of CPIH is to develop, construct, own, operate and manage large power plants. Currently, the company is managing power plants with a generation capacity of more than 23,000 MW. SSR and SECMC are the developers of Thar Coal Mining Blocks-I and Block-II, respectively.

According to the MoU, the parties have reached an intention of jointly developing, within the next 10 years, coal-fired power projects with a total installed net capacity of 6000 MWs in Sindh, Pakistan, which will be expected to use lignite coal mined from Block 1 and Block 2 in the Thar Coalfields. CPIH will be the majority shareholder and will be responsible for implementation and execution of the power projects subject to the signing of the formal agreement and the approval of Pakistan Government. The power projects will be developed in five (5) phases of 1200 MWs each with a configuration of 2 x 600MW. Coal mining will be independently developed by SSR and SECMC for Block 1 and Block 2, respectively, who will supply coal based on the coal demand created by the power projects developed by CPIH.

It is to be noted that Thar coalfields contain the worlds 7th largest coal reserves estimated at 175 Billion Tons, capable to produce 100,000 MW for the next 200 years. Thar lignite is indigenous, abundantly available, and ideally suited to produce electricity giving it distinct advantage over imported coal. Price of Thar Coal is set on a cost plus basis and is not linked to international energy price movements, thereby, insulating the end consumer of electricity in Pakistan from the vagaries of international coal price movements. Thar coal also has the advantage of economies of scale, which will result in a progressively lower coal price and predictable electricity price as the mining operation scales up and more power plants are added. Most importantly, utilization of Thar coal for power generation will result in huge foreign exchange savings versus any other imported energy resource.

sindh engro coal mining company and kesc ink mou for setting up 600mw power plant | engro corporation

sindh engro coal mining company and kesc ink mou for setting up 600mw power plant | engro corporation

Karachi, May 08: Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company (SECMC) a Joint Venture of Engro Powergen Limited (EPL) and Government of Sindh (GoS), for purchasing power from SECMCs 600 MW Mine Mouth Power Plant at Thar Block II.

SECMC has been issued a 30-year Mining Lease for Thar Block-II by Mines & Mineral Department of GoS to develop an Open Cast Lignite Mine at Thar Block-II, Sindh. SECMC, in collaboration with other investors, will also develop a 600 MW Mine Mouth Power Plant under the build-own-operate basis with the anticipated project life of 30 years.

Under the agreement signed between the companies, SECMC will carry out all the project development activities, which include development of a bankable feasibility study, tariff determination by NEPRA, execution of project agreements including incorporation of Project Company as well as arranging independent financing for the power project being undertaken by the Project Company

Upon completion of relevant conditions and milestones, KESC and SECMC will negotiate power purchase agreement, subject to mutually acceptable commercial terms and will facilitate SECMC, on a best efforts basis, to raise a non-recourse loan from commercial financial institutions or other multilateral funding agencies. KESC might also consider equity participation in the project company.

Speaking at the occasion, Shamsuddin A. Shaikh CEO of Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company said: Thar Coal is a project of national security as it will bring the much needed energy security to propel the nation into an era of prosperity and development. SECMCs Thar Block-2 alone can produce 5,000 MW for next 50 years that amount to an estimated forex savings of USD 50 billion for life of the project. This project will demonstrate maturity and capability of corporate sector to join hands and synergise on national agenda.

Nayyar Hussein CEO of KESC said, This memorandum is of strategic importance for the country as well as for both the companies. We are keen to work together to realize the potential of Thar coal reserves, which could be the major indigenous fossil fuel resource for Pakistans present and future energy needs. We are confident that together we would do the ground breaking work in coal exploration and coal-fired power generation in Thar region, paving the way for other developers to embark upon major infrastructure development projects.

sindh engro coal mining company creating value through

sindh engro coal mining company creating value through

Pakistans Development Challenge GDP per Capita _______ 980 USD Population Below Poverty Line (income less than USD 2 / day) ___________ 60% Population Growth Rate ____________ 2% . and needs energy to meet this challenge Source: World Bank

Pakistans Power Demand-Supply Forecast Peak Demand Average 3% Growth rate based on GDP & Population Growth Supply Average 2% Growth rate assumed Daimer Basha Dam (4500 MW) Thar Coal (1200 MW) Only plants that have achieved or are likely to achieve financial close included in the supply forecast

Impact of Energy Crisis Electricity shortage of more than 4500 MW and frequent power cuts translate to: Impact/Year Total cost of load shedding to the economy USD 2. 5 billion Cost as percentage of GDP 2 % decrease Loss of employment in the economy 400, 000 jobs Loss of exports USD 1 Billion $ billion Increasing dependence on expensive imported energy puts a severe constraint on ability to pay Import bill expected to increase to above USD 8 billion by 2020 Energy Import Bill for Power Generation 16 12 8 4 0 Current 4 Source: State of the Economy Emerging from Crisis 2008, Beacon House National University publication, Pakistan Economic Survey 2009 Future (2020)

Wrong Fuel Choice Nuclear 2%2008 -09 Hydel 30% Coal 0% HSD 1% Nuclear 3%2009 -10 Gas 42% RFO 25% Gas 29% Hydel 30% Coal 0% HSD 1% RFO 37% Country Power Generated from Coal (%) Australia 80 China 78 India 53 USA 50 Germany 47 UK 30 World Average 42 Pakistan 0. 1 Due to lack of indigenous natural gas shortages, reliance on expensive imported RFO has increased and exacerbated Circular Debt problem If Coal had been used instead of RFO to make up for indigenous natural gas shortage, it would have reduced energy import bill by USD 600 M and direct saving of USD 280 M to electricity consumers 50% reduction in use of RFO for power generation would reduce Pakistans energy import bill by USD 900 M and benefit electricity consumers by USD 400 M Source: 1) State of Industries Report 2010, NEPRA 2) Integrated Energy Plan

Thar Coal Potential q Thar Desert contains the worlds 7 th largest coal reserves: 175 Billion Ton = 50 Billion TOE = 2000 TCF Total Thar Coal Reserve 1% = Thar Coal Reserve More than Saudi Arabia & Iranian Oil Reserves 68 times higher than Pakistans total gas reserves 25% Pakistans Power Generation Capacity in 2010 PAKISTAN Development of Block II alone would bring in investment of USD 12 Billion Entire Thar Coal Reserves can be used to generate 100, 000 MW of electricity for over 200 years Thar Location of Thar Coal Field Source: : GSP data/report Energy equivalent is based on Shenhua report/RWE

Public Private Partnership Alignment of Incentives Sindh Engro Coal Mining Companys Vision : To develop and execute technically and commercially viable Coal Mining Project in Thar Block II to generate electric power and bring energy security to Pakistan based on indigenous resource Joint Venture (JV) Company Structure : 40% Shares owned by the Government of Sindh (Go. S) 60% Shares owned by Engro Power. Gen Limited (EPL) Core expertise and responsibilities of each JV Partner include : Go. S would assist in timely availability of all relevant data (previous and currently ongoing studies), requisite approvals from Federal and Provincial Governments and timely delivery of infrastructure requirement for the Project including roads and transmission line Engro Power. Gen will lead development, financing, management and execution of the Project in a professional and fast track manner This Public Private Partnership reflects new strategic focus of Government & Engro to develop Thar Coal reserves, raising the bar on how mega project investment is planned, prioritized, financed and delivered Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company

Bankable Feasibility Study Consultants SECMC RWE-Germany Owners Consultant RWE-Germany SINOCOAL Intl. China North East Coal Bureau (NECB) China SGS Pakistan SRK-UK / Hagler Bailly Pakistan Hydrological Model & GW Abstraction Consultant Bankable Feasibility Study Consultant Hydrological Field Work Contractor Sampling/Coal Analysis Contractor ESIA* Consultants DRD-Pakistan Drilling Work Sub-contractor * Environment and Social Impact Assessment

Key Highlights Thar Coal Mining Feasibility Study Bankable Feasibility Study (BFS) for Thar Block II Coal Mining Project has been completed by internationally renowned Consultants within budget on August 31, 2010 as per target date Technical, environmental and social viability of the Project has been confirmed meeting all international lenders standards (IFC/World Bank, ADB etc. ) Salient features of the study for 6. 5 Mt/a Mine are as follows : Total Lignite reserve in Block II - 2 Billion tons ; Exploitable Reserve - 1. 57 Billion tons which can support 5, 000 MW for 50 years; average striping ratio is 6. 2: 1 Required Overburden removal ; 140 Mm 3 for initial 4 years ; 1277 Mm 3 over 30 years Total mine depth is 195 m (640 ft) ; cumulative lignite seam thickness is 32 m Average lignite quality calculated from 1618 samples is (Heating Value 11. 6 MJ/kg (~ 5000 Btu/lb) , Ash 7. 3 %, Moisture 47. 48 %, Sulphur 1. 1 % ) better than lignite being used in Greece & Germany for power generation To keep the mine dry for operations, ~ 37 Mm 3/a (~ 41 cusecs) of GW 1 will have to be pumped out the initial years, which will reduce to ~ 25 Mm 3/a ( ~ 28 cusecs) in later years in Shovel & Truck (S/T) has been selected for Lignite Mining due to its flexibility to achieve mine scalability to 13 Mt/a & 22. 8 Mt/a in a cost effective manner. Bucket Wheel Excavator (BWE) & Spreader system will be utilized for mine expansion to 13 Mt/a & 22. 8 Mt/a

Key Highlights Thar Coal Mining Feasibility Study Environment & Social Viability Assessment : No significant or unmanageable environmental threats and social implications indicated GW impact assessment and mitigation measures finalized ; drawdown in 1 st aquifer will be monitored, reinfiltration may be done after 20 years if required Only 2 villages will need to be relocated ; 1 st in 2025 and 2 nd in 2035 Mine & power plant to be developed in parallel : Phase 1 of the project will be development of a 6. 5 million tons/annum coal mine in parallel with development of 1200 MW Coal fired Power Plant. Total Mining and Power Generation Projects Cost is estimated to be 3 4 Billion USD Subsequently, the coal mine will be scaled up to 22. 5 Mt/a capacity and power plant capacity will be increased to 4000 MW expeditiously. This will require investment of over USD 12 Billion 1 st Phase of Coal Mine & Power Plant construction is targeted to start in 2012 and both Coal Mine & Power Plant will start operations by 2016 Go. S & Go. P to ensure timely provision of infrastructure requirements including roads network and transmission line

Project Financing from Chinese Financial Institutions Subsequent to Chinese Prime Ministers visit to Pakistan in Dec, 2010, a Joint Energy Working Group (JEWG) between Government of Pakistan (Go. P) & Govt. of China has been formed to shortlist the energy projects for technical and financial assistance from Govt. of China SECMC team presented details of Thar Block II Coal Mining, Power Plant & Infrasturucture Projects to Sub-Energy Working Group (SEWG) comprising Joint Secretary Mo. PNR 1, Secretary C&EDD and DG Mines on 7 -8 Jan, 2011. SEWG unanimously agreed to forward the comprehensive proposal for the Projects with their recommendations to Energy Working Group (EWG) of Go. P EWG has included these Projects in the list of energy projects to be presented in JEWG meeting scheduled to be held in March, 2011 in Beijing to seek Govt. of China support for financing SECMC has communicated to Go. S / Go. P financing requirement and proposed structure for discussion and approval at JEWG meeting Go. S to pursue EWG to ensure JEWG recommends to Govt. of China to instruct Chinese Financial Institutions for financing of Thar Projects as per structure proposed by SECMC

Benefits of Thar Coal Development To overcome the current energy crisis, Pakistan has no other alternative except development of indigenous energy resources Thar investment will provide the following benefits : o Strategic energy resource that will guarantee energy security to Pakistan in the decades to come o Import substitution of expensive RFO or Natural Gas Due to import substitution benefits, Thar mining will act as a direct foreign exchange earning sector and help lower the adverse impact of imported fuel on Pakistans Trade Balance o Lower power tariff for Coal fired Power Plants as compared to RFO based power tariff o Socio-Economic Development of Thar region Presently Thar District ranks lowest on all socio-economic development indicators in Sindh o Development of indigenous coal mining industry will lead to skilled job creation and transfer of technology o Potential for future downstream industries in Petro-chemical and Fertilizer products Thar Coal is a fortune turning opportunity for Pakistan

engro archives - international mining

engro archives - international mining

Engro Powergen Thar Ltd (EPTL) says it has successfully tested and energised its first 330 MW unit of the combined 660 MW coal-fired power plant in the Thar Coalfield of Sindh, Pakistan, hooking the plant up to the national grid.

Engro Powergen Thar was formed in 2014 to set up a 660 MW power project in the Thar Block II. The company is a joint venture between Engro Powergen Ltd (with 50.1% ownership), China Machinery Engineering Corp (CMEC the EPC contractor for the project), Habib Bank Ltd and Liberty Mills Ltd. The project is one of the early projects of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

The 660 MW power plant will use circulating fluidised bed technology to burn coal. Once commercial, the plant will send 660 MW of electricity through a 282-km long 500 kV Double Circuit Quad-Bundle transmission line from the EPTL plant to Matiari in Sindh province. The power plant although the first in Pakistan running on Thar coal complies with all local environmental laws and has voluntarily adopted various international compliance standards, according to EPTL.

The company said: The synchronisation of the first unit of the power plant is a considerable achievement given that the project has been constructed in a record time of under three years as per schedule and projected costs, a feat in itself given the complexity of the project.

The President of Engro Corp, Ghias Khan, said: The first sync of the power plant on Thar coal is truly a momentous occasion for entire Pakistan. Engros commitment to the Thar coal project goes back almost a decade when we entered into a public private partnership in 2009.

The synchronisation of the first unit of the 660 MW power plant is both testament to Engros capacity to engineer excellence and deliver on this project of national importance which will ensure the energy security of the county.

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