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slon magnetic separator outotec

vertically pulsating high gradient magnetic separator - metso outotec

vertically pulsating high gradient magnetic separator - metso outotec

Effectively process fine, weakly-magnetic minerals with the SLon Vertically Pulsating High-gradient Magnetic Separator (VPHGMS). The unit is a wet, high-intensity magnetic separator that uses a combination of magnetic force, pulsating fluid, and gravity to process minerals. The advanced features are incorporated into a design utilizing a unique vertical configuration, jigging action, and special matrix materials to achieve the best results.

Slurry is introduced through slots in the upper yoke to the matrix, which is housed inside the vertical separating ring. The magnetic particles are attracted to the matrix and are then carried outside of the magnetic field where they are subsequently flushed to the magnetic concentrate trough. The non-magnetic or less magnetic particles pass through the matrix through slots in the lower yoke to the non-magnetic collection hoppers.

The ring is arranged in a vertical orientation as opposed to a traditional Jones-type WHIMS, which uses a horizontal carousel. The vertical nature of the carousel allows for reverse flushing, where magnetics flushing in the opposite direction of the feed allows strongly magnetic and/or coarse particles to be removed without having to pass through the full depth of the matrix volume. In addition, the magnetics flushing is accomplished near the top of rotation, a location with a low stray magnetic field to reduce any residual grip on the magnetic particles. The end result is high availability due to minimized matrix plugging.

An actuated diaphragm provides pulsation in the separation zone to assist the separation performance by agitating the slurry and keeping particles in a loose state, minimizing entrapment. This mechanism alsomaximizes the particle accumulation (trapping) on all sides of the rod matrix, creating more usable surfacearea for magnetics collection. A further benefit is to reduce particle momentum, which aids in particlecapture by the applied magnetic force. This leads to improved fine particle collection and separation.

The SLon VPHGMS utilizes a filamentary matrix constructed of steel rods to accommodate various size ranges of feeds. The rods are oriented perpendicular to the applied magnetic field to enable optimum magnetic force to be achieved while minimizing the risk for entrapment of particles, when compared to grooved plates, randomly positioned filaments (wool), or expanded metal sheets.

magnetic separator, eddy current separator - all industrial manufacturers - videos - page 3

magnetic separator, eddy current separator - all industrial manufacturers - videos - page 3

Our high intensity Rare Earth magnetic rods are extremely efficient at removing ferrous and para-magnetic contamination, down to sub-micron size, from free flowing products including powders and liquids. Rods ...

... chips from nonferrous chips and products from polishing media. [Features] The powerful permanent magnetic drum ensures efficient separation. The separators can be demagnetized as needed by installing ...

IFE eddy current separators are used to separate non-ferrous metals (aluminium, copper, brass, etc.) from bulk material of all kinds. The centric design IFE INP is used to: removal of non-ferrous ...

DEMAG 255-405-805 is an iron-remover apparatus for fluids, complete with an automatic cleaning system. This cleaning system enables effective management of slurries and liquids. The unit has been manufactured out of AISI 304 stainless ...

The innovative EcoMagno magnetic filter is the perfect choice for continuously cleaning the pretreatment baths. Conventional solutions require that you interrupt the filtering process to remove magnetic ...

... continuous operation Low purchasing cost Energy saving Easy installation Reliable and solid construction Empowered magnetic efficiency Special ferrite magnets non demagnetizable Variable tilt sludge ...

... the value of magnetic induction within 0,7 to 1,4 at the operating roller surface depending on specific conditions of use. Presence of the shaking feeder ensures an even feeding of product. Specific productivity ...

... corresponding electromagnet separators offering at the same time the following advantages: no consumption of energy constant and pratically inexhaustible magnetic fields a guarantee of never-ending performance ...

CP offers an over-belt Electro Magnetic Separator that allows for quick and efficient separation and recovery of your ferrous material. Positioned over the stainless steel section in your conveyor, ferrous ...

... separating parts. This saves both time and money. MAGNETIC SEPARATORS Are your workpieces ferritic and similar in size to the abrasive media? Then they could be easily separated using our magnetic ...

... DEPOSIT SEPARATOR WITH INTEGRATED MAGNET Hydrociclonic deposit separator with integrated magnet Carbon steel Insulation Out-of-standard products can be realised according to Customers requirements Diadef ...

USED FOR - Extraction and removal of tramp metal from base material BEST SUITED FOR - Belt conveyor FEATURES & BENEFITS - easy maintenance - doesnt require additional cooling - energy efficient design

Magnetic Separator Processing ability: 1220 t/h Feeding size: 0-3 mm Applied material: magnetite, pyrrhotite, calcined ore, ilmenite, etc The Handling Materials and Description of Magnetic ...

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