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small cement mixing machine for sale

castable refractory mixer machine for sale

castable refractory mixer machine for sale

Castable refractory mixer machine for sale Compared with common concrete mixer, there are some outstanding features regards castable refractory mixer machine. Both the mixing speed and homogeneity are very high. Internal lining boards attached to prevent mixing material abrasion on drum, replaceable liners could continue to be used, low maintenance cost and long life. Combine mixing, electric and water into and organic whole, thoroughly implement of small automatic mixer. The bag cutting device is optional, the feeding height is comfortable, easy to use. The design is simple and easy with compact structure, internal cleaning is simple, convenient and easy to move. Three water lines could provide water from different direction, ensure that mix even materials and water. Above all, castable refractory mixer machine is very applied to the site construction, castable, refractory materials, etc. Especially, For LRM800 castable refractory mixer machine, we add ladder, operating platform, high pressure water washer device. On the other hand, considering that LRM800 refractory castable mixer machine mixing capacity could be up to 800kg, need larger power motor, in order to protect electric motor when start, we add soft start device for LRM800 and LRM500 pan mixers. More detailed project information, please check our website, Lead Equipment Co., Ltd. Nowadays, we designed four different model refractory castable mixer machines, LRM100, LRM250, LRM500 and LRM800 refractory castable mixer machine, mixing capacity is 100L, 250L, 500L and 800L. For LRM100 and LRM250 refractory castable mixer machine, it is equipped with walking wheels, two operators could easily move it in working site. ForLRM500 andLRM800, because the weight is larger thanLRM100 andLRM250 refractory pan mixers. In order to keep the mixer stable in the use, we add the forklifts hole instead of walking wheels. Besides, in order to protect the motor forLRM500 andLRM800, our refractory mixers are also equipped with soft-start device, which could smoothly start motor. Castable refractory mixer machine operating instructions: 1. Preparation before starting: check whether there is any debris in the mixing drum, check whether the bolts in each part are loose or missing, whether the reducer oil is sufficient, check whether the scraper is loose, the angle is correct, the power supply and the wire leakage, etc. 2. Power on: Clear all materials in the disk, ensure that it is emptied and then power on. Start the machine, listen to whether there is any abnormal sound, and add materials in strict accordance with the regulations. 3. Shutdown: stop the machine after the material in the pan is finished, clean the remaining material in the pan, the castable refractory mixer machine is equipped with remote control command or manual operation, it is safe to use, convenient and easy to operate. If you are looking for direct supply of refractory machinery from the factory supplier and need to be customized. please contact me.

Cast-in-place foam concrete is a new type of engineering field material developed in recent years; it has the characteristics of light weight, good fluidity, strong durability, low cost and simple construction.

The purpose or aims of grouting includes: 1. Seepage control; 2. Water plugging, 3. The consolidation; 4. To prevent landslide; 5. To reduce surface subsidence; 6. Improve the foundation bearing capacity; 7. Backfill; 8. Reinforcement.

cement brick machine for sale manufacturers - aimix group

cement brick machine for sale manufacturers - aimix group

Cement brick machine for sale can produce high quality bricks of all kinds of sizes and shapes without burning. Common raw materials are construction waste, industrial waste residue, furnace cinder, mineral slag, fly ash, stone flour, sand, pebble, etc, mix them and water according to a certain proportion, then cement bricks are produced. By changing the moulds, our cement brick maker can produce stand brick, hollow block, perforated bricks, which is a multi-functional brick machine. This machine has characteristics of low investment, quick returns and easy operation, which is very popular among all of investors. Moreover, we have automatic cement brick making machines for your reference,which is equipped with PLC control system, can achieve automatic and mechanical operation.

1. Reasonable design. We adopt automatic shuttle board system, conveying materials, splitting materials, compulsory materials placing system, head synchronization and frame synchronization system, can achieve automatic and cycling production, productivity is high, can produce a large quantity of bricks, and quality is stable. 2. PLC intelligent control. Cement brick making machine realizes electromechanical and hydraulic linkage, program can lock and achieve self protection. Our cement brick making plant can realize safe and reliable operation. Main console, we use computer operation, can achieve formula setting and save, random signal acquisition and trouble diagnosis analysis, and adjust the machine into good working condition. Through remote communications, our cement bricks manufacturing machine can achieve remote control, fault inquiry and system upgrade. fully automatic controlcontrol panel 3. Our cement brick block machine use hydraulic motor vibration, has features of reasonable structure, reliable use, high vibration efficiency, achieve perfect combination of press and vibrate, finished bricks have good compactedness.

5. Advanced hydraulic elements. We adopt advanced hydraulic element, make the machine much more stable and reliable. Effective excitation system design, use computer to control traffic pressure of hydraulic system., improve the density and service life of casting box.

ABM-10S cement bricks machine belongs to large scale machine, users need to do site planning in advance, deal with the ground foundation. The followings are details of ground foundation dealing method.

2. The place where to steady the host needs 4m*2m cement floor, cement thickness should be adjustable, it all depends ground conditions, generally should be 600mm to 700mm, if there is sand, should deepen it.

We wont publish our cement bricks manufacturing machine price, because price is not fixed, it will be affected by many factors, such as, types, capacities, shipment, destination, amounts, spare parts, components, technologies, etc, therefore, if you are interested in our cement brick machine for sale, you can leave your requirement on our website, we will quote you best cement bricks plant price according to your condition.

For the cost, in addition cement bricks machine price, you need to add later cost, such as, maintenance cost, repair cost, spare parts cost, etc. But one thing you need to remember, do regular check for your cement bricks manufacturing plant, cement bricks machine cost will be low.

1. When we receive your inquiry, we will tell you more details about the machine, send you brochure, cement brick making machine video, bring you to our factory, etc, we will try our best to let you know our machine, and choose our cement brick manufacturing plant.

2. When you place an order to our cement brick machine for sale, our salesman will help you monitor the whole production process, such as, production, assemble, test run, disassemble, painting and shipment, until the machine arrived your city successfully. cement bricks machine shipmentvisit factorycement bricks productioncustomers visit 3. When the cement bricks machine arrived your city, we will send our engineer to your site, help you assemble and test run the machine, moreover, our engineer will teach your local operator how to test run, operate and maintain the machine.

There are many cement brick making machine suppliers on the market, if you want to get a best machine, you must be considerable. Selection of manufacturer of cement brick machine is very important, it relates whether you can get good cement brick machine for sale, even good after-sales service. Then, you need to think about cement bricks plant cost, everybody want to spend less and earn more, you need to operate the machine according to the specifications. after-sales service team Whats more, we have established oversea office in Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, any problems for cement brick machine for sale, please contact us as soon as possible. Please fill in the form below.

small concrete mixer for sale in aimix - investing with quick returns

small concrete mixer for sale in aimix - investing with quick returns

Small concrete mixer for sale manufactured by AIMIX Group has been exported to over 30 countries and applied for all kinds of concrete construction projects. As we all know, it refers to those mixers whose capacity are small. In general, the best small cement mixer for sale is suitable for small construction projects, such as bridges, parking lots, roads, urban and rural house and building construction sites. Due to its small size, light weight and affordable price, a lot of customers has invested into one or one more to get high profits. While, there are several types of concrete mixers for sale, which kind of mixer is appropriate for your projects? You can check the following models first.

4. Spacial type of mixer: self loading concrete mixer. It has multi functions, such as batching, mixing, weighing and discharging. Among all mixers, AS-1.2 and AS-1.8 are small concrete mixer for sale.

Small electric concrete mixer is used at the constructions sites for getting into hard to reach areas and mixing cement or concrete. It can be either stationary or mobile, mounted on trailers or trucks for easy transportation, which can make concrete mixing easier. Here are several benefits of using AIMIX cement mixer small electric type.

1. Time efficient. A reasonably important benefit of a small electric cement mixer cheap is that it can save a lot of time and labour effort. Small concrete mixer feature small cement mixer drums. Moreover, mixing concrete and cement with electric controlling system can reduce labour and time consuming. It allows you to make better use of your time, and you can then focus on other aspects of the construction tasks.

2. Cost effective. The small concrete mixer for sale can save you money because there is no need of hiring more employees to mix the concrete by hand. Besides, you can save on material because only the right portions and amount of all concrete ingredients go into the concrete mixer drum. If you plan to use the small concrete mixer on a regular basis for your business for in instance, purchasing one is more convenient than hiring one. AIMIX Self Loading Mixer Working in The PhilippinesSmall Concrete Mixer Working on Construction Site

With the increase of demand for concrete, there is also a large demand of concrete mixers investors. The price difference of concrete mixers in the market is complex, therefore a lot of customers are anxious about how to choose the right mixer. Here I have summarized several factors affecting the small cement mixer price for reference.

As we all know, different manufacturers will use various quality of raw materials, such as iron, steel and other materials. Steel is the most important material, which can improve the performance of wear-resistant. It affects the mixer price mostly.

The quality of the concrete mixer is the main factor determining its price. As the saying goes, a penny is worth the goods. The better the quality of the concrete mixer, the higher the price will be. Therefore, consumers should not only pay attention to low-priced equipment when purchasing concrete mixers. Quality is the prerequisite for ensuring the good operation of concrete mixers.

Fully automatic type is much more expensive than ordinary one. Generally, the more manpower is spent, the mechanics are relatively cheaper. From the long-term goal, consider the group-automatic equipment to save more. In Aimix Group, our small concrete mixers are all automatic control machine, which can greatly improve working efficiency. There are also many other factors which would affecting the small concrete mixer price. If you are curious about the price, contact us without hesitation. Email to us: [email protected]

If necessary, we will do a comparison of configuration between us and other manufacturers. We promise that our concrete mixing equipment will never let you down. Because we have more than 30 years manufacturing experience and got CE and ISO certificates to ensure its quality. In AIMIX, various mixers are all available: small portable concrete mixer, self loading mixer, diesel and electric concrete mixer, mobile concrete mixer etc. Select your ideal one from us right now!

small concrete batching plant for sale - for short and small project

small concrete batching plant for sale - for short and small project

Small concrete batching plant for sale cover a smaller area and are more convenient for transportation. They are simpler to install than the large concrete mixing plants, also are economical and practical and are usually built in smaller rural areas at the county level. Now AIMIX can supply users small concrete batching plant capacity: AJ-25, AJ-35, AJ-50. If you have many near projects to do, you can choose mobile type: AJY-25, AJY-35 and AJY-50. All of these types are hot type, we can show you many successful cases. Now lets learn about their characteristics together.

AJ-25 concrete plant has function of automatic feeding. It consists of JS500 compulsory concrete mixer, automatic control system, cement silo, feeding system and PLD series aggregate batcher. It has simple structure, which is easy to disassemble. In addition, it can produce even concrete at short time, which is very suitable for small scale construction site, casting factory, small concrete production and road maintenance, etc.

AJ-25 small batching plant adopts new design idea, electronic weighing, microcomputer control, digital display control technology, electronic weighing with buffer device and automatic compensation function, high measurement accuracy. Sand and gravel loading system with large width belt loading, there is pedestrian walkway, which is the ideal choice for the majority of construction units to produce high-quality concrete.

AJ-35 cement plant adopts fully automatic configuration, which is made up of materials transport system, mixing machine and concrete batching machine. It uses PLD1600 concrete batcher, has characteristics of accurate measurement and high productivity. So it has wide application in highway, bridge, power station and dam engineering project.

The theoretical productivity of the AJ-50 concrete mixing plant is 50 cubic meters per hour. It is equipped with JS1000 type twin shaft concrete mixer, which realizes accurate measurement, high production efficiency. The screw conveyor is LSY250. AJ-50 is a set of semi-automatic concrete mixing equipment composed of feeding, batching, mixing, electrical control and steel structure components.

Mobile small concrete plant is small investment, has features of less land occupation, easy maintenance, can be equipped with independent and effective control system, which makes the operation safe and convenient. Under the accurate weighing of concrete batcher, can produce quality and even concrete. And it is usually for a district at the lower level of the country. Most importantly, its installation is much more easier and fast than large concrete plant. The followings are types display. AJY-25 AJY-35 AJY-50 AJY-60

Now you have known the types of small concrete batching plants sale, next, you need to know conditions for setting up Small concrete batching plant for sale. So that you can judge where is the best place to install a plant.

After you have considered above carefully, you need to contact the manufacturer to get quotation. Different manufacturers have different small cement plant price, you need to make a detailed comparison. In addition price, scale of the factory, successful cases, technicians, shipping cost, etc are also important issues for your consideration. But I think the most important point is components of small concrete batching plant for sale. You buy a plant is to produce quality concrete, so you have attach much more importance to the quality of components.

1. We use JS series concrete mixers or planetary concrete mixers as the mixing engine, high alloy wear resistant materials, mix evenly; multiple shaft-end seal performance, no leakage; reasonable structure, short mixing time, energy-saving, low noise and high productivity. JS500 JS750 JS1000 JS1500

2. Small cement plant is equipped with PLD series concrete batching machine, there are two-bin, three-bin and four-bin materials storage hopper. two-bin three-bin four-bin 3. Cement storage silo is to store cement and fly ash. AIMIX has bolted type, welded type, horizontal type and low level type. They have integrated structure, modular design, so they are convenient to install and move. 50T horizontal cement silo welded cement silo 4. PLC control system. We use imported element, which is reliable; intelligent control, automatic control and manual control into one unit; it has functions of formula storage, drop compensation, alarm correction and data printing. control roomelectric control panel 5. Materials transportation system. Powder transportation adopts full-seal device; there are small clearance between spiral blade and cylinder, high transmission efficiency.

Take AJ-35 hopper concrete plant for an example, the normal installation time is about 10 days. Except the time for installation of bolted type cement silo. Generally, we will tell you we need 15 days to install the small plant just in case. 1. Assemble the main engine. Put the main engine on the center of base. When weld leg flange and base, should keep the verticality and levelness. When assemble the weighing system, note that the sensor shall be vertical up and down, and the lifting wire of the tension sensor shall not touch the middle part of the sensor, and shall not be twisted or oblique, to avoid weighing errors.

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