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small quartz pellet making machine in madras

biomass pellets making machine - manufacturers & suppliers in india

biomass pellets making machine - manufacturers & suppliers in india

MIDC Ambad, Navi Mumbai, Dist. Thane Plot No. 75, SR. No. 157, Ray - Gajanan Maharaj Industrial Estate, Ambad-Vilholi MIDC Road, MIDC Ambad, Navi Mumbai - 400708, Dist. Thane, Maharashtra

rotary drum dryer design - palet

rotary drum dryer design - palet

Rotary dryers are widely used in food, feed, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining and other industries. The working process of the equipment is as follows: After the dewatered wet material is added to the dryer, the material is evenly dispersed in the dryer and fully contact with hot air under the rotation of the plate reader which is evenly distributed in the drum, accelerating the drying heat transfer and quality transfer. During the drying process, the material is discharged from the finished product in another section of the dryer by a star-shaped discharge valve, under the action of a slanting plate and hot air. This machine is suitable for drying all kinds of dregs with less than 85% water content, such as beer dregs, bean dregs, spray pulp corn husk, coal mud, fruit dregs, etc.

It has good effect for opening up feed resources, reducing feeding costs and environmental pollution for 10 years, the main export products of our drum dryer are vibration drying equipment, vacuum drying equipment, small and medium grain, food and agricultural, forestry and special products drying equipment, the annual export volume is more than a few hundred units, the main export areas are Southeast Asia and other developing countries, and has opened the door of the European and American markets.

The heat source for the rotary dryer comes from the combustion unit and uses a down-flow heating method. Therefore, the material that needs to be dried, from the feed box, feed slips into the cylinder, i.e., pushed back by the spiral plate. As the dryer is tilted, the material flows to the back end under the effect of gravity and rotation on the one hand, on the other hand, the material is repeatedly copied up, brought to the upper end and then continuously spread down, so that the material forms a uniform curtain in the tube, fully with the tube of the thermal airflow for heat exchange, due to the repeated spread of the material, the moisture contained in the drying, thus achieving the purpose of drying.

The operation opens the door and rotates the dewatered material evenly in the rotor, then closes and locks the door tightly. Depending on the type of material, select the appropriate time and adjust the timing device to the desired time. Press the start button to start the fan, and the direction of rotation of the rotor can be selected from unidirectional or bidirectional rotation according to the users needs. Simply rotate the computer board switch to one way or both ways and the machine will perform one way or both ways as required. (Forward 25 seconds, stop for 5 seconds, reverse 25 seconds) often watch the internal fabric turning from the observation window, if you find an unexpected situation should promptly cut off the power and check the fault. The machine will stop automatically when it reaches the specified time, and the operator must be asked to open the door to check the drying of the internal fabric.

The dryer is mainly used to dry materials of certain humidity or particle size in ore dressing, building materials, metallurgy, chemical and other departments. The dryer is widely used in tea, Chinese herbs, corn, vegetables, food, chicken manure, slag, towel quilt, sawdust, coal sludge, desulfurization gypsum, compound fertilizer, honeysuckle, straw briquetting fuel, charcoal machinery, wood chip pellet fuel, sawdust briquetting, agricultural engineering and other industries.

The main types of dryers are: rotary dryer, three-way dryer, three-tube dryer, intermittent dryer, direct heat dryer, clothes dump dryer, powder dryer, stone professional dryer, new dryer, second-hand dryer, industrial dryer, tea dryer, Chinese herb dryer, corn dryer, vegetable dehydration dryer, food dryer, chicken manure dryer, drum dryer, rotary dryer, stone dryer, rotary dryer, solder dryer, automatic dryer, oil dryer, electric heating dryer, energy-saving dryer, clothing dryer, towel quilt dryer, computer intelligent dryer, steam dryer, gas dryer, coal sludge dryer, slag dryer, sludge dryer, quartz sand dryer, sand dryer, fly ash dryer, desulfurization plaster dryer, sawdust dryer, tunnel dryer, dehydration dryer, compound fertilizer dryer, honeysuckle dryer, wine tank dryer.

The power generated by electric power, diesel power, wind power, flammable material power, etc. is heated by ambient air and transported to the perimeter of the pass-through, which then reaches the appropriate temperature for dehumidification treatment. The process is as follows: the wet material is fed to the hopper by a belt conveyor or bucket elevator, and then through the hoppers feeder into the feed end through the feed pipe. The slope of the feeding pipe should be greater than the natural inclination of the material so that the material flows smoothly into the dryer.

A dryer cylinder is a rotating cylinder that is slightly inclined to the horizontal line. The material is added from the higher end, and the heat carrier enters from the lower end, and contacts the material in a counterflow, there are also heat carriers and material together and flow into the cylinder. As the cylinder rotates the material runs by gravity to the lower end. In the process of moving forward in the cylinder, the wet material is directly or indirectly given heat by the heat carrier, so that the wet material can be dried, and then sent out at the discharge end through the belt machine or screw conveyor.

In the cylinder body wall is equipped with a copy plate, its role is to copy the material up and down, so that the material and airflow contact surface increases, in order to improve the drying rate and promote the material forward. Heat carriers are generally classified as hot air, flue gas, etc. After the heat carrier has passed through the dryer, a cyclone dust collector is usually required to trap the material in the gas. To further reduce the amount of dust in the exhaust gas, it should also be released after a bag filter or wet filter

The drying strength is high, and due to the high dispersion of the material in the airflow, the entire surface of the particles is actively the effective area for drying. Short drying time. The airflow dryer is simple in construction, has a small footprint and is easy to build and maintain. High handling capacity and high thermal efficiency. When drying non-bonded water, the thermal efficiency is up to 60%. The dryer achieves zero horizontal thrust, which greatly reduces the wear of the retaining wheel, and the barrel runs smoothly and reliably; the dryer adopts spherical pallet device, which makes the fit of the pallet and the roller always in linear contact, thus greatly reducing the wear and power loss.

Qingdao palet machinery co,.ltd is a professional manufacturer of biomass wood pellet mill, wood pellet plant, rotary dryer, activated carbon rotary klin,activated carbon machine, hammer mill, crusher, etc.

plastic film recycling line | pellet making machine

plastic film recycling line | pellet making machine

The plastic film recycling line is specially prepared for various kinds of common plastic film in daily life. The entire recycling line mainly includes a plastic crushing and cleaning machine, rinsing tank, pellet making machine, automatic feeding machine, dewatering machine, cooling tank, and pellet cutting machine. The most important piece of equipment of the line is the plastic granulator. The plastic film recycling line is very suitable for small and medium-sized plastic recycling plants to recycling plastic films like plastic food packaging bags and woven bags. The machines of plastic recycling lines can be customized according to customer needs.

In daily life, we can see plastic films of various materials, such as beverage packaging films, frozen food packaging films, medical plastic films, and fresh-keeping films. They are made of PET, PC, PVC, PP, PE, etc.

First of all, the raw material needs to be crushed and washed easily by a crashing and cleaning machine, and then they will be washed thoroughly in a sink. After that, the wet plastic pellets will be dehydrated and will be melted as a mushy shape with electromagnetic heating, long strips will be created by the plastic granulator machine, then those long strips will be cooled in a cold water sink, at this moment, they will be cut by the pellet cutting machine, at last, the pellets will be stored in the storage bin.

Due to the characteristics of PVC material, it is best not to wash it in the process of recycling PVC plastic film. If a water washing step is necessary, the raw materials must be dried. And in the processing process, chemical ingredients need to be added. Generally, the quality of plastic particles is related to the water content of raw materials. Too much water content will seriously affect the quality of plastic particles.

There is a special type of PE plastic film, namely cling film. In supermarkets, frozen food or fresh vegetable packaging is usually covered with plastic wrap. However, this type of cling film is often affixed with a label. At this time, a paper-plastic separator is required to separate the label paper and the cling film.

Plastic crushing and cleaning machine is mainly suitable for crushing waste agricultural film, PP woven bag, etc. It is characterized by water brokenness, water washing, and high efficiency. There is a rotating cutter inside the crusher. The cutter is specially treated to crush the material into small pieces in a short time. The blade can be re-sharpened for durability. The machine is a closed and sealed design for crushing and cleaning.

After the raw materials are put into it, the crushing and cleaning are carried out simultaneously, and the washing cylinder is used for secondary cleaning, which is the highest cleanliness of the plastic.The casing body is all welded by thick steel plate, the transmission parts are finely processed, the blades used are made of high-quality steel, and heat-treated, high-quality mechanical quality makes it have high crushing efficiency, low energy consumption, and long service life.

The rinsing tank is mainly used to remove dirt from plastic materials. rinsing the broken material to precipitate impurities. There are several models to choose from. It is made of stainless steel or an iron plate. There are multiple toothed agitators installed on the upper part of the machine, they can force plastic chips to move forward. which can make plastic materials cleaner. The bottom of the conical machine is equipped with a screw pushing device, which can automatically discharge sewage, save labor and save water resources.

The dehydrator is divided into a vertical dehydrator and a horizontal dehydrator. Usually. The horizontal dehydrator has a better dewatering effect, but it needs to be matched with relevant material conveying equipment.

The structural principle of our vertical type dewatering machine including strong swirling cleaning, automatic conveying, self-priming function, high-speed extraction centrifugal dehydration, and flow guiding device. The inside of the vertical dewatering machine is a screw feeding device, which uses a strong centrifugal force to throw out the water in the material during the screw conveying.

Pellet making machine is a device for extruding, cooling, and dicing polyethylene (green film, lining bag, etc.) or polypropylene (old woven bag, packing bag, tying rope, etc.) to produce plastic granules. . The granules produced are widely used and are ideal investment projects. This equipment is matched with the crushing and cleaning machine and the pellet cutter. Broken and cleaned plastic can be directly put into extrusion granulation. Simple process, advanced technology, and suitable for different waste plastics.

The plastic granulator adopts automatic temperature control and electromagnetic heating, with less electricity, no pollution, and high automation. The dried material enters the plastic granulator from the feeding port. The material is melted under the heating of the heating ring. The molten material flows out from the outlet of the main machine and then enters the auxiliary machine. Under the extrusion of the auxiliary machine, it is extruded from the die at the head of the machine.

The cooling tank is mainly used for cooling the soft strip plastic material extruded from the plastic granulator, making them hard. It is made of stainless steel, which can ensure no rust and corrosion during long-term contact with water. Also, you can choose an iron type, just choose it according to your demands.

The plastic pellets that are melted and extruded by the plastic pellet machine are in the shape of long strips. In order to facilitate storage and secondary use, plastic pellet cutters are also required to cut the plastic strips into plastic pellets.

This pellet cutting machine has superior performance and reasonable structure. The sealing performance of the whole machine is better, e less leakage, and It is convenient to adjust the cutting distance. the rotary cutter is made by hard alloy hob, its wear resistance is extremely high, the whole machine without gear design, effectively reduces the machine noise with the belt rotation. and the independent electrical box is convenient and safe. Cold-drawn pelletizing for various high-yield, high-strength engineering plastics.

The prepared plastic granules can be directly packed in woven bags or put in storage bins made of stainless steel. There is a pump in the lower part of the storage bin, which can continuously suck plastic particles into the inside of the machine.

The storage bin has many features. Firstly, the storage bucket and the wind-feeding material are combined into one, occupying less land and saving labor. Secondly, it can be docked with various granulators for easy movement. Thirdly, the hopper can be opened and disassembled for easy cleaning. The power of the fan is small, the feeding speed is fast, and the cost is saved. The storage bucket size can be customized according to customer requirements.

The recycling line can be combined into various specifications according to customer requirements. From 200KG/H-3000KG/H, ourcompany has had successful cases. The machine features are a beautiful appearance, low energy consumption, high output, practical and reliable. The plastic pellet making machine has different models according to customers' requirements. The new rinsing device can be used forwashing, greatly improving the production efficiency, and the cleanness of the washing material is pure, reaching the requirements of the first-level net film. It is an efficient, water-saving device.

Our company is engaged in waste plastic cleaning and recycling equipment for more than 10 years, can design different cleaning plans, cleaning processes, recycling planning, and site planning according to your different requirements. With our expertise, you will be rewarded with a good return on your investment.

Polyethylene (PE) has excellent processing and use properties, and is the most widely used variety in synthetic resins, and its production capacity has long ranked first among all plastic varieties. Polyethylene resins mainly include low-density polyethylene (LDPE), linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), and high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

But PVC can be added with a lot of plasticizers, and then it can be made into soft PVC. Ordinary wire sheaths, disposable infusion tubes, some inflatable toys, soft curtains, transparent plastic table mats called soft glass sold in supermarkets, etc. are all soft PVC. PVC can also be colored.

Another method of physical recycling is to use plastic granulators, putting the plastic foam into a high-temperature environment to melt it, then extrude it, cool it, and make it into new plastic pellets, and then recycle or reuse it to make other plastic products. Our company provides a set ofplastic film recycling line, and it can help you to change the plastic foam into plastic pellets.

The new waste plastic processing method will definitely become the new direction of waste plastics in the futurethat isre-granulation using a plastic granulator to avoid white pollution, incineration and so on.

With the progress of theages, white pollution has become increasingly serious, and waste plastics are everywhere, which wastes resources and seriously pollutes the environment. Sothe recycling of waste plastic provides us with a broad investment profit margin.Taking aleadmust bring us good returns. The never-saturated market maximizes your investment.

A plastic granulatoris a commonly used plastic equipment in the waste recycling industry, but to figure out the effective operation method of it is also a problem, which urges for a solution. Only the correct use of the plastic pellet making machine can ensure its normal operation and ideal effect. In order to ensure the plastic granulator can fully achieve the desired effect, operators must choose the correct way of operation in the process of use.

The plastic pelletizing machine is composed of a host machine and an auxiliary machine. The host machine will heat the plastic films and make them into mash paste. The main unit of the plastic granulator has three models, which are 125, 150, 180. The accessories of these three models are different. The power and quantity are alternatives according to customers' orders. The melted plastic is formed by wire drawing in the auxiliary machine. There are 125, 135, 150 models, which have different power.

Aplastic granulatoris mainly used to recycle waste plastic film, PP, PE flakes. It is widely used in the waste plastic recycling industry and is deeply supported and favored by customers. However, in order to better ensure the overall performance of the plastic granulator and prolong the service life of the product, plastic granulator operation attention should be emphasized. What should we pay attention to when using a plastic granulator? There is something we need to point out before operating the equipment.

For manufacturers who want to invest in plastic pellet making machines, we suggest coming to our company and plant. In order to learn about the pieces of equipment better, a field trip is important. The plastic granulator produced by our company has been purchased by several foreign customers, we can arrange customers to visit our plant and know machines better.

It is also a very intuitive inspection for customers. As the saying goes, seeing is believing. Customers can think through the equipment after looking at the output of the equipment, then consider the size of the equipment, such as a plastic granulator.

biomass pellets making machine at best price in india

biomass pellets making machine at best price in india

MIDC Ambad, Navi Mumbai, Dist. Thane Plot No. 75, SR. No. 157, Ray - Gajanan Maharaj Industrial Estate, Ambad-Vilholi MIDC Road, MIDC Ambad, Navi Mumbai - 400708, Dist. Thane, Maharashtra

bentonite pellet production line | machines for making bentonite into pellet

bentonite pellet production line | machines for making bentonite into pellet

Bentonite is a kind of montmorillonite clay which contains a little glimmerton, kaolinite, halloysite, chlorite, zeolite quartz, feldspar and calcite. Nowadays, people use bentonite in over 300 hundred of products at home and abroad. Therefore, people also call bentonite as all-purpose soil. If you want to make bentonite pellets, you will need a bentonite pellet production line.

Under normal conditions, bentonite pellet is white or faint yellow. However, its color will change with the iron content in it. Sometimes, bentonite can be light gray, light green, pink, brown or red. Some kinds of bentonite pellets are loose and the other are very hard. Bentonite contains a lot of chemical elements including iron, magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium and so on. There are two types of bentonite: Na-bentonite and Ca-bentonite. The content of Na2O and CaO in the bentonite has a huge influence on the its phy-chemical property. In addition, bentonite has good absorption ability, it can absorb many kinds of gases, liquid and solid matters. Whats more, bentonite is helpful to pelletize the raw materials that are hard to be granulated.

Quality bentonite pellet can be used to make kitty litter. Bentonite kitty litter is a very common product in the market, because it is highly effective economical. Kitty litter made from bentonite has some advantages. First of all, bentonite powder is easy to be granulated. Besides, it has strong water-absorption ability. Moreover, quality bentonite powder has strong deodorization capability. The simple producing process of betonite kitty litter goes: Firstly, you should put bentonite material and other additive like fragrance and adhesive into the mixing machine. Next, the evenly mixed material should be pelletized. You can use a Shunxin disc granulator or compacting granulator for the granulating process. Then in order to store the bentonite kitty litter for long, the bentonite pellets must be dried in a drying machine.

Bentonite is always used as a adhesion agent in compound fertilizer industry. If you add some powder bentonite into compound fertilizer material, the finished compound pellets will not agglomerate together easily.

Bentonite is a good conditioner for compound fertilizer production. You can reduce the moisture content of the compound fertilizer by adding some bentonite powder. In addition, bentonite itself also contains some nutrients for the soil and the plants. If you use a bentonite production line, you will get more nutritious compound pellet fertilizer.

The granulating facility is the core machine of a bentonite pellet production line. Nowadays, there are two kinds of hot-sale bentonite granulators in the market: bentonite disc granulators and bentonite compactor granulators. In the following, Shunxin will give you more information about these two bentonite granulators.

Bentonite disc granulator is a high-efficiency granulating machine and its granulation rate is above 93%. Shunxin engineers manufacture our disc granulators with smart design. There are three discharge ports on the pan part of the machine. With this design, labor strength will be decreased and the efficiency of labor will get improved. Whats more, the foundation part of Shunxin pan granulator is thick and firm, which guarantees the granulating machine will work steadily. Shunxin disc granulators can make quality bentonite pellet and it has long service life. Apparently, Shunxin bentonite pan granulator is a ideal machine for you.

Professional bentonite compactor machines employ dry granulation method to make bentonite pellet. We also called it as double roller granulator. Shunxin compactor machine is designed reasonably with advanced technology, so it is high-efficiency. Whats more, there is one important thing you should notice: double roller granulators require that the raw materials should be dry enough. Generally, its moisture content should be among 5%~10%. Thus, the bentonite pellet made by a compacting machine doesnt need to be dried.

Whether you want to make bentonite kitty litter or you just want to use bentonite as adhesion for producing compound pellet fertilizer, you will need a bentonite pellet production line. In this production line, bentonite will go through the processes of crushing, mixing, granulating, drying, cooling, screening, coating and packing. We will introduce these processes to you in the following content.

In this process, you will need a fertilizer crushing machine. In general, Shunxin suggests you choose a chain crusher, cage crusher or new type vertical crusher. This is not a necessary process. If you have fine powder bentonite material, you do not need to crush it.

If you want to make bentonite kitty litter, you should add some fragrance and adhesive agent into the bentonite material. Shunxin has four kinds of mixing machines: horizontal mixer, double shafts horizontal mixer, single shaft horizontal mixer and disc mixer. You can choose a proper one from them according to your demand.

Grabulating is very important. Weve mentioned that you can make use of Shunxin disc granulator and double roller granulator to make bentonite pellet. Shunxin disc granulators and compactor granulators are efficient granulating equipment. Their granulation rates are both above 93%. However, there are also some differences between them. One aspect is that they have different moisture demands of the raw materials. For pan granulators, the moisture content should be at the range of 25%~30%. For compacting granulating machines, the moisture content should be among 5%~10%.

If you want to produce bentonite pellets with a disc granulating machine, you must equip a fertilizer drying machine for your bentonite pellet production line. Bentonite pellet will lose moisture quickly, because our drum dryers are efficient.

You can not coat the hot pellets, because the coating grease will melt. Therefore, you need a cooling machine here. Shunxin cooling machine will cool down the dried bentonite pellets to the room temperature.

Not all the finished bentonite pellets are qualified. Hence, a screening machine will come into handy. The purpose of screening is to separate qualified and unqualified bentonite pellet. The unqualified bentonite granule will be conveyed to the granulator and re-pelletized.

If you aim to make bentonite kitty litter, you can just ignore this process. However, if you want to make compound pellet fertilizer with bentonite, youd better use a coating machine to cover a protection layer on the compound fertilizer pellet. With a protection layer, the compound pellet fertilizer will not part easily.

If your production yield is small, you can take manual packing method. But for large-field bentonite pellet production line, manual packing is not practical. Shunxin can provide you single bucket packing scale and double bucket packing scale for you, you can choose according to production yield.

Tips: If you buy a disc granulator for your bentonite pellet production line, you will also need a drying machine and a cooling machine. If you choose a compacting granulator, you will save some money for not buying a drying machine and cooling machine.

You can not make a design of your factory site just by imagining. You could a factory site according to your actual needs. In order to make a perfect site design of your factory, we suggest you should manage production yield and budget at first. If you provide us specific information about your budget and capacity requirement, Shunxin expert team will try their best to design an optimal bentonite pellet production line for you. In a word, you should find a good bentonite equipment supplier to help you design your bentonite granule plant.

Shunxin Heavy Industrial Machinery is a leading enterprise in manufacturing bentonite pellet facilities. We are confident and capable to supply superior bentonite granule making machines to you. If you are planning to buy bentonite pellet facilities, you can contact us in time. Shunxin is looking forward to having a good cooperation with you!

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* Basic Info Your Raw Materials (required) Your Processing Capacities Per Hour or Day (required) Brief-description Your Inquiry(required) *We respect your privacy, and will not share your personal information with other entities.

* Basic Info Your Raw Materials (required) Your Processing Capacities Per Hour or Day (required) Brief-description Your Inquiry(required) *We respect your privacy, and will not share your personal information with other entities.

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