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spiral chute separator key

gravity spiral separator with different pitch - jxsc machine

gravity spiral separator with different pitch - jxsc machine

The mineral processing flow is consists of grinding, size classification, gravity separation, strong magnetic separation, flotation. In 2004, we carried out a gravity separation experimental that replacing 1200mm spiral separator with 1500mm one. The result shows that processing capability increased by 30%.

In recent years, the serious silting problem of 1500mm spiral chute has reduced the mineral classification efficiency greatly of which doesnt separate the concentrate, medium, and tailings ore accurately. Ore deposition not only influences efficiency but also reduce the spiral chute service life. The observation found that the ore mainly piles in the middle-lower part of the chute body, and the middle part of the cross-section. The reasons as follows, first of all, the placid chute curve and small inclination angle slow down the flow speed, and weak the fluidity, that easy to cause minerals deposition, especially in the middle-lower part of the spiral chute while mineral preliminary separating. Secondly, unreasonable parameter. The difference between longitudinal dip angles may be an important cause of silting. Thirdly, the determination of spiral chute pitch is key to improve the dressing efficiency of different spiral chute processing stages. Therefore, it is necessary that carrying out the comparison experimental by different chute pitch, 800mm, 840mm, 900mm, 940mm, 980mm.

In brief, grinding size classification gravity separation magnetic separation -flotation. Beneficiation processing machine: ball mill, cyclone, spiral separators, magnetic separator, thickener, flotation machine.

Fine hematite ore with poor iron and high silicon and a trace amount of phosphorus, sulfur and manganese. Main iron mineral: hematite, hematite and magnetite. Gangue mineral: main in quartz, few amounts of silicate minerals, such as tremolite, actinolite, chlorite, etc.

Putting the disposit ore of size grading cyclone into the rough dressing spiral concentrator machine, and it is required that the grade of concentrate of disposition ore is 50-60%, the distribution width of spiral concentrate( 840mm pitch ) is 250mm. Carry out the distribution width test for a different pitch. It will be seen that when the same distribution width, the grade of concentrate increases with the increase of pitch. Ensuring reach the technology requirements, distribution width of 310mm for the 980mm spiral chute, distribution width of 290mm for the 940mm spiral chute, distribution width of 250mm for the 840mm spiral chute distribution width of 240mm for the 800mm spiral chute.

The experimental results show, when the grade is the same, the spiral concentrator with 900mm pitch has the advantages of high recovery rate, low tailings loss, and best separation effect. The rough dressing effect of 900mm pitch has an output of 7.97t/h, the productivity of 20.88%, grade of concentrate mineral 59.27%, recovery rate of 32.73%, and comprehensive efficiency of 25.19%. In summary, the 1500mm spiral separator with 900mm pitch is suited for the rough dressing task.

The tailings of roughing spiral concentrator then into the scavenging process, it is required that the grade of tailings is 15-20%, the distribution width is about 300mm. Take the distribution width test firstly. As shown in the table, in the same distribution width cases, the grade of tailings is increased by the addition of pitch; distribution width is decreased by the addition of pitch. In given conditions of meeting technical requirements, distribution width of 120mm for the 980mm spiral chute, distribution width of 180mm for the 940mm spiral chute, distribution width of 250mm for the 840mm spiral chute distribution width of 300mm for the 840mm spiral chute, distribution width of 320mm for the 800mm spiral chute.

The result of that the 900mm spiral classifier has the best beneficiation effect in the cases of the same grade concentrate ore. The scavenging effect of 900mm pitch spiral separator machine has the output of 3.42t/h, the productivity of 32.18%, the grade of concentrate mineral 17.46%, recovery rate 17.16%, and comprehensive efficiency of 27.74%. In summary, the 1500mm spiral gravity separator with 900mm pitch is suited for the scavenging task.

The concentrated mineral of roughing spiral concentrator then into the spiral gravity chutes of the concentration process, it is required that the grade of tailings is 65-67%, the distribution width is about 170mm. Take the distribution width test firstly. As shown in the above table, in the same distribution width, the grade of concentrate is increased by increasing pitch. In given conditions, distribution width of 250mm for the 980mm spiral chute, distribution width of 220mm for the 940mm spiral chute, distribution width of 200mm for the 900mm spiral chute distribution width of 170mm for the 840mm spiral chute, distribution width of 140mm for the 800mm spiral chute.

The result of that the 900mm spiral classifier has the best beneficiation effect that with high recovery rate and low losing rate in the cases of same grade concentrate ore. The concentration effect of 900mm pitch spiral separator machine has an output of 7012t/h, the productivity of 21.18%, the grade of concentrate mineral 66.96%, recovery rate 26.46%, and comprehensive efficiency of 20.75%. In summary, the 1500mm spiral gravity separator with 900mm pitch is suited for the concentration processing task.

In summary, the larger the pitch ratio is, the higher the concentrate grade is. The greater of chute surface dip angle can heighten the centrifugal force thus fasten thus flow speed. The large-pitch ratio is advantageous because the major function is to improve concentrate rate, 900mm pitch is performed better than the 1500mm. In addition, during the experimental none of the 5 sets of mineral spiral concentrator have disposition ore. it turns out that the disposition ore phenomenon is mainly owing to the deformation of spiral chute separator, and the coarse grain size of minerals. The spiral machine of 800mm pitch is the easiest to cause disposition.

As for the 1500mm spiral separator, the disposition width is greater with the increasing mineral weight; as for the same distribution width, the grade of concentrate is increased by the addition of pitch. It is suggested that replacing the 1500mm with 900mm to optimize the gravity separation process. JXSC is 35 years of mineral processing solutions and mining machines provider, always to support your success by reliable product and good service. We supply industry use gravity spiral separator and laboratory small spiral separator all around the world, spiral separator design is available.

fotation machine, ball mill, rotary kiln-henan xingyang mining machinery factory

fotation machine, ball mill, rotary kiln-henan xingyang mining machinery factory

Xingyang Mining Machinery Factory is located at Xingyang, the west suburb of Zhengzhou, Henan Province, facing 310 National Highway, adjacent to Lianyungang-Lanzhou Railway and Kaifeng-Luoyang Expressway in the north, and 25km away from Zhengzhou.

The factory specializes in production of complete mineral processing machinery and equipment for cement, chemical industry and building materials, with a production history of over three decades. Main products >>more

spiral chute

spiral chute

Ore-distributor is placed freely on the cross (tripod) of the support table, uniform slurry is fed slowly to the spiral groove surface through the bunker mounted to the first end of spiral groove for sorting. The end of the spiral groove has valve product-interception trough which separate products along radial direction by grade into three (or four kinds). By adjusting the position of the valve, can change the interception width of each kind. Product gathering unit is a concentric annular cylindrical bucket that gathers and respectively exports multipoint ore flows which have been pooled. Spiral chute cross slope, the curve changes, especially suitable for fine particulate material sorting. This processing equipment has advantages as simple structure, no moving parts, light weight, no noise, configured installation and easy maintenance.

FRP spiral chute is formed by six parts, ore-distributor, bunker, helical groove, product interception trough, product gathering bucket, tank bracket (including crosses or tripod) and etc. The helical groove which is connected by the spiral sheet is the main part. Spiral sheet is made of glass steel (glass fiber reinforced plastics), bolted together, sorting face of spiral groove has a layer of preformed surface which is wearing layer. The processing equipment is featured by light, strong and durable. The top has a multi-tube ore-distributor, can uniformly distribute ore, easy to control.

Model 5LL-1200 5LL-900 5LL-600 5LL-400 External diameter(mm) 1200 900 600 400 Screw pitch (mm) 900 ,720 , 540 675 , 540 , 405 450 , 360 , 270 240 , 180 Screw pitch /dia. 0,75 , 0.6 , 0.45 0.75 , 0.6 , 0.45 0.75 , 0.6 , 0.45 0.6 , 0.45 Lateral dip angle (degree) 9 9 9 9 Max. spiral head no. for each machine 4 4 3 2 Feed size (mm) 0.3-.0.03 0.3-.0.03 0.2-0.02 0.2-0.02 Feed density (%) 25-55 25-55 25-55 25-55 Capacity(t/h) 4-6 2-3 0.8-1.2 0.15-0.2 Overall dimensions L(mm) 1360 1060 700 460 W(mm) 1360 1060 700 460 H(mm) 5230 4000 2600 1500 Weight(kg) 600 400 150 50

spiral chute with high quality | fote machinery

spiral chute with high quality | fote machinery

Spiral chute is a kind of high-efficiency gravity separation equipment. It can be used in the materials such as iron ore, ilmenite, chromite, pyrite, zircon, rutile, monazite, tungsten, tin, tantalum, niobium, etc.

Spiral chute, integrated the characteristics of spiral concentrator, shaking table and centrifugal concentrator, is the best equipment for mining and beneficiation, especially for placer mining on seashores, riversides, sand beaches, and streams.

This equipment is suitable for the separation of iron ore, ilmenite, chromite, pyrite, zircon, rutile, monazite, phosphonite, tungsten ore, tin ore, strontium as well as antimony ore and other non-ferrous metals, rare metals and non-metallic mineral bodies with different specific gravity with a particle size of 0.3 - 0.02 mm.

The main part of the spiral chute device is the spiral flight which is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic. The inner surface of the spiral groove is coated with a wear-resistant lining, usually a polyurethane wear-resistant glue or an epoxy resin mixed with artificial gold steel sand.

There are a miner and a feed tank in the upper part of the spiral chute, and a product interceptor and a collecting tank in the lower part. The entire equipment is framed vertically with steel frames.

The spiral chute is similar to the thread shape. The movement of the materials inside can be divided into three stages, which are the material introduction stage, material acceleration phase and material uniform velocity warehouse phase. And the third stage lasts the longest, which is the key for materials crushing.

The key to the design of the spiral chute is in the uniform velocity stage. The main parameters are radius R, bottom plate width b, elevation height h, helix angle mouth, and bottom plate radial inclination angle.

Spiral chutes are widely used in the selection of hematite, the recovery of heavy minerals in tailings, and the selection of rare and non-ferrous metals. This is because it has the following advantages:

It has characteristics of reasonable structure, simple installation, small floor space, simple operation, stable ore dressing, clear mineralization, large processing capacity, high efficiency, high enrichment ratio, high recovery rate and reliable operation.

The spiral chute is not critical to the operation requirements (such as grain size, mass fraction, etc.). Even if the ore supply, ore concentration, ore size and ore grade change, there is almost no influence on the selection index, which means that it has strong adaptability.

The spiral chute is not only easy to operate, but also achieves a good treatment effect. It is characterized by stable ore dressing, clear ore separation, large processing capacity, high efficiency, and high enrichment ratio.

According to the difference in the specific gravity, particle size and shape of the ore, the ore and sand are separated by the gravity and centrifugal force of the swirling flow. The concentrate flows into the concentrate bucket. The tailings flow into the tailing bucket which is connected to the sand pool with the pipe and then they are discharged with the sand pump, completing the whole process of dressing.

The spiral chutes produced by Fote are mainly used in metal mines, coal industry, power environmental protection and other industries. They are sold well at home and abroad, and various types of equipment meet the needs of different industries.

Fote timely follows up product installation and maintenance. In the fierce market competition, relying on leading technical advantages, excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service, Fote's products are exported to more than 200 countries and area.

The gold content in the gold deposit is extremely low, and it is usually necessary to use refining by gravity separation, flotation, amalgamation, magnetic separation and electro-selection, and at the same time, high-efficiency and energy-saving gold ore beneficiation equipment are arranged for beneficiation and enrichment.

Crushing equipment: Jaw crusher. It is flexibly used for gold ore crushing according to different gold selection requirements, further improves gold mining efficiency and recovery rate, and reduces gold mine loss rate.

Washing: Some gold mines have a high mud content, and the soil is very sticky. It is easy to wrap the gold grains in the soil and cannot be extracted. Therefore, for such gold mines with more sticky soil, the first thing to do is the washing of the mine.

Screening: Cylinder washing machine. Because the gold in the gold deposit is free, the monomer dissociation degree of gold and sandstone is very high, and the large river pebbles are gold-free, thus it is necessary to screen the waste rock.

Rough selection equipment: Spiral chute. Gold mine after washing and sieving enters into rough re-election process. Gold mine with lower gold content generally adopts gold chute to raise gold which has a large processing capacity and low ore dressing cost.

Magnetic separation: Magnetic separator. Iron and ferrotitanium contained in gold deposits contain strong magnetism and weak magnetic properties. Different grades of iron concentrate and ferrotitanium powder can be obtained through different magnetic separators.

So far, the set of equipment has been running stably, which has brought considerable benefits to users. Because of its high quality and low price, reliable after-sales service and simple installation, it has attracted more customers.

As a leading mining machinery manufacturer and exporter in China, we are always here to provide you with high quality products and better services. Welcome to contact us through one of the following ways or visit our company and factories.

Based on the high quality and complete after-sales service, our products have been exported to more than 120 countries and regions. Fote Machinery has been the choice of more than 200,000 customers.

spiral separator | spiral chute | spiral classifier | mining equipment

spiral separator | spiral chute | spiral classifier | mining equipment

The spiral separator is the best gravity concentrating equipment, especially for concentrating sand ore in seashore and riverside. It is made of the fiberglass, lined with wear-resistant polyurethane and covered with corundum cover. It has advantages such as lightweight, moisture proof, anti-rust and corrosion, noiseless, very suitable for the different feeding particle sizes and grades.

Capacity: 0.15-8t/h Feeding size: 0.3-0.02mm Advantages: 1. Simple structure, easy to operate and maintain 2. Low energy consumption 3. Relate wide range of particle size 4. Small volume, space saving 5. High productivity and efficiency

Main parts: ore distributor, feed chute, spiral chute section, cutting trough, collecting hopper, support, etc. Spiral separator types: single spiral separator, lab spiral separator, rotary spiral separator, multi-deck spiral separator.

Application: The spiral separators are designed for classifying the granularity 0.3-0.02 millimeters fine grain like iron, hematite, ilmenite, chromite, brasses, tin, tungsten, tantalum-niobium, gold ore, coal mine, monazite, rutile, zircon, and other Non-ferrous metal, rare metal, and non-metallic minerals with different specific gravity in the mineral processing plant.

Working principle of spiral separators The ore materials are separated by the specific difference of gravity force, inertial centrifugal force, flow force, and surface friction of the light and heavy ore particles in the downward flow along the spiral tube slope. Generally speaking, the movement of the slurry flow on the spiral concentrating tables surface produces two directions, one is the longitudinal flow which rotates swiftly around the vertical axis of the spiral chute and down along the chute surface, which is called the main flow, the other is the transverse flow which rotates around a balance layer of the ore flow itself, called transverse circulation flow or vice flow. Under the comprehensive action of longitudinal main flow and transverse circulation, the mineral particles on the surface of spiral classifier move differently along longitudinal and transverse direction due to different density, particle size and shape, and settle at the bottom of the spiral groove in different time and speed, so the mineral particles are stratified according to density and particle size.

Stratification is the first stage of the separation process, which is basically completed after the first processing circuit of the spiral separators. After delamination, the light mineral particles in the upper layer flow to the outer edge of the spiral separator machine gradually, while the heavy mineral particles in the lower layer are affected less by the longitudinal main flow and move to the inner edge gradually. In this way, the layered particles are divided again, which is the second stage called zoning, completed after series ( 3-5 times ) sorting process. After the above two stages, the ore intercepting trough and the ore receiving hopper discharge the different grade separation products from the clay trough, and the separation process is completed.

The grain size distribution rule along the cross-section of the wet spiral separator is as follows: under normal ore-feeding conditions, more than 70% of the ore particles are concentrated in the middle of the spiral concentrator beneficiation area; About 20% of the ore grains are located at the inner edge of the chute; Less than 10% of fine ore grains are near the outer margin.

JXSC spiral separator manufacturer ( and other mining equipment) focuses on producing spiral gravity separator decades of year, qualified separator machines popular in the world market of various mineral processing. Contact us to the spiral separator price, installation instruction and special design service. Spiral separator for sale. Click to find more gravity concentration methods in mineral processing.

Mining Equipment Manufacturers, Our Main Products: Gold Trommel, Gold Wash Plant, Dense Media Separation System, CIP, CIL, Ball Mill, Trommel Scrubber, Shaker Table, Jig Concentrator, Spiral Separator, Slurry Pump, Trommel Screen.

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