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spiral groove of humerus

spiral groove | definition of spiral groove by medical dictionary

spiral groove | definition of spiral groove by medical dictionary

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spiral fracture of humerus: signs, treatments & prevention

spiral fracture of humerus: signs, treatments & prevention

The humerus is a long bone that runs from your shoulder joint to your elbow joint. You cannot lift something heavy if that bone is not strong enough. It is actually the third biggest bone in the body, after the thighbone (femur) and the shinbone (tibia). Your humerus needs to be in a good condition and fully functional to allow you to use your elbow. Certain injuries can affect the way your humerus functions and that is truly the case when you have a spiral fracture with your humerus.

You may develop a spiral fracture pattern in the humerus due to some twisting injuries. You develop it in the shaft of the humerus when you lock your lower arm or have it trapped in machinery while the body rotates. Similarly, direct twisting forces applied during arm wrestling or throwing may also cause a spiral fracture in humerus.

You may have to deal with certain symptoms of tenderness, pain, bruising, swelling, and pain in the arm even after you start receiving treatment to stabilize the fracture. This is usually the result of the injury around the broken bone. While your symptoms may improve after a few weeks, you should seek medical attention if you develop numbness in the affected area.

You do not usually need any surgery to treat a spiral fracture in humerus. You have to wear a special splint to keep your arm in a cast to minimize movement. An open fracture may require surgery though your doctor will repair the humerus with screws, plates, or a metal rod. You also need to take antibiotics intravenously when you have an open fracture.

It is important to receive physical therapy after your humerus starts to heal. Your physical therapist helps improve strength in your arm muscles and works to restore normal range of motion in your shoulder and elbow. You have to work with your therapists for several months to ensure proper recovery.

When you develop a spiral fracture of humerus, the chances are you will recover without any surgery or serious medical intervention. Most people recover near normal function within a few weeks, but certain complications may arise. Some of the most possible complications of humerus fractures include the following:

localisation of the radial nerve at the spiral groove: a new technique - sciencedirect

localisation of the radial nerve at the spiral groove: a new technique - sciencedirect

Localisation of the radial nerve (RN) in the spiral groove by previously reported methods has a wide range and is generalised. The objective of this study was to establish a method unique to a patient to accurately localise the nerve.

The distance between RN at the midpoint of the spiral groove (D) and the tip of the olecranon (O) was compared with the most distal wrist flexion crease and fingertips on 100 healthy volunteers. The RN was found by ultrasound examination.

The mean distance from O to D was 16.22cm (12.520.51.55), and mean distances from wrist crease (WC) to second, third, fourth and fifth fingertips were 17.79 (14201.28), 18.66 (15211.32), 17.71 (14.520.51.32) and 15.62 (12.520.51.34) cm, respectively. With regards to OD distance, the strongest relationship was obtained for the distance between the fifth fingertip to the WC (r=0.708, p<0.001). This relationship was stronger among females than males (p<0.001).

This study presents a new and individualised approach to accurately predict the location of the RN in the spiral groove. This method is clinically relevant and can be used to guide the surgical explorations or expedite interventional methods.

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