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tangible benefits calcium carbonate rotary kiln manufacturer in patan

china cement machine leading manufacturer, rotary kiln, grinding mill

china cement machine leading manufacturer, rotary kiln, grinding mill

Rotary kiln also called rotary calcining kiln belongs to building materials equipment. Now it is widely applied to various fields such as building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, environmental protection, etc.

Rolling machine refers to a new type of cement energy-saving grinding equipment. Pengfei rolling machine is equipped with high-efficiency, low-efficiency ball mill pre-grinding system.

We can provide a wide variety of cement processing plant, including 6000t/d, 5000t/d, 3000t/d, 2500t/d, 1500t/d, and 600t/d cement production line. And one-stop service is also available, including designing, construction, relative equipment providing, installing and debugging, technical serving, and overall contracting.

Pengfei products can be applied to metallurgy, mine & coal & oil fields. And also we offer one-stop service including designing, construction, relative equipment providing, installing and debugging, technical serving, and overall contracting.

We provide products for chemical industry: calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide, alumina complete sets of technology and equipment, composite powder complete sets of technology and equipment, nitriding furnace, coal efficient clean and upgrade kiln, coal-to-liquid, coal clean-dry distillation technology and equipment, oil sand oil shale oil extraction technology equipment.

The kiln brick is a layer of refractory filled in the inner part of the rotary kiln. The main functions of kiln bricks are as follows:1. Reduce the chemical erosion and mechanical wear of the cylinder...

rotary furnace and lime rotary kiln maintenance

rotary furnace and lime rotary kiln maintenance

Lime production is a relatively complicated thermal decomposition reaction process of calcium carbonate to calcium oxide. Due to different kiln types, different equipment configurations, different raw material quality and composition, and different fuel types and calorific values, each will appear Various problems and faults The following are the analysis and treatment methods for common problems and faults.

If the top temperature of the calcination belt of the common shaft kiln is increased in the middle of the kiln body, the ash temperature is reduced, the CO2 content is reduced accordingly, the air volume is large, and the excess oxygen increases. The upper part of the kiln burned early. When the charge is lowered to the calcination zone, the fuel has no firepower, the amount of raw lime burning increases naturally, the top temperature control is too high or the fuel entering the kiln is fragmented and burns prematurely. The wind pressure and air volume are too large, or the size of the limestone is too large, the ventilation is smooth, and the unloading amount is unbalanced, which is also the reason for the upward movement of the calcination area. Eventually, a big burn is formed. In this case, you should:

When it is found that the top temperature is low and the ash temperature is increased, the fire and fire are not exhausted when the fuel is serious. Lime also increases the calcination, and the CO2 concentration decreases, which means that the calcination zone has moved down. The main reason for this situation is that the air volume is small, the amount of stone loading is large, and the amount of ash discharge is large, which makes the mixture move down quickly, and the cooling zone is shortened. The air fails to be preheated enough to enter the calcination zone, and the amount of calcium carbonate decomposed Reduced, CO also decreased accordingly. This causes an increase in the amount of lime burned.

In addition, the raw material is fragmented or the particle size deviation is large, and the resistance in the kiln increases. At this time, the air pressure is not low, but the actual air volume is not enough. In this case, the stone loading and ash discharge should be appropriately reduced, and the air volume should be appropriately increased. In this case, if the top pressure is too large, the batch can be appropriately reduced, the raw material can be changed, and the proportion of large particles should be appropriately increased to reduce the particles. The level difference reduces the resistance in the kiln. Adjust the fuel and stone mass to meet the technological requirements.

The extension of the calcination zone will cause the top temperature, the ash temperature will be higher, the CO2 will decrease, and the amount of lime burning will also increase. The formation of nodules or poor local ventilation in the kiln is due to excessive fuel ratio and poor uniformity of limestone, and the formation of nodules or poor ventilation in the kiln. At the same time, there are nodules or kiln wall hanging materials in the kiln, and the ventilation is segregated. The nodules or hanging materials prevent the materials from falling normally and have poor ventilation. Because the nodules fall off under the impact of the material flow, the calcination zone will also be extended for a certain period of time.

When this happens, the production should be properly reduced, the particle size of the raw materials should be adjusted, and the fuel ratio should be reduced to increase the air volume. After temporarily reducing the height of the material layer, the material is restored to the normal material level.

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