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tantalite magnetic separator manufacturer

tantalite and columbite mining processing equipment from china manufacturer

tantalite and columbite mining processing equipment from china manufacturer

The main ore of tantalum and niobium is tantalite, columbite, microlite, pyrochlore, koppite, hachettolite,fergusonite, loparite, etc. Some element of tantalum and niobium exists as impurities in ore of ilmenite, perovskite, rutile, cassiterite, wolframite, etc. And the main type of tantalum and niobium is tantalite-columbite, pyrochlore, and other Ta-Nb minerals.

The processing of tantalite-columbite ore is complex due to its low content and sophisticated composition. Usually, the enrichment flow sheet of tantalite-columbite covers rough concentration and fine selection. And for different tantalite-columbite mines, the specific flow sheet can be different.

For raw tantalite-columbite and microlite, the Tantalum and niobium is usually mixed together with the beryl, spodumene, and cassiterite and flow sheet of rough separation is usually combination of gravity separation-floatation separation - gravity separation or gravity separation-floatation separation while the flow sheet for fine selection is combination of magnetic separation-gravity separation-floatation separation-electric separation and chemical selection. If there is too much mud, process of desliming shall be needed. For microlite, floatation separation is usually used due to its fine inlay size.

For alluvial tantalite-columbite, the minerals are basically liberated from the gangue with the useful mineral density over 4g/cm3 and sometimes the minerals are magnetic. Gravity separation is mainly used as rough separation while combination of magnetic separation-gravity serration and magnetic separation-electric separation and floatation separation is adopted for the fine selection of rough concentrate from gravity separation.

For pyrochlore, there is carbonatite and pegmatite. The carbonatite pyrochlore is kind of important mineral bed with its large scale and high Niobium content. Flow sheet of gravity separation-magnetic separation-floatation separation and magnetizing roasting system can be used to enrich the tantalite and columbite. The carbonatite pyrochlore is usually concentrated by multi-crushing and multi-gravity separation while the fine selection adopts magnetic separation to remove the tailings, and floatation separation to gain pyrochlore concentrate. Sometimes electric separation and floatation separation is used to remove the zircon.

Gravity separation is usually used to remove most of the gangue to gain rough concentrate. For the rough concentrate from gravity separation, selection of gravity separation, floatation separation, electric magnetic separation or combination flow sheet will be involved to separate the useful minerals.

The rough concentration of tantalum and niobium is mainly gravity separation with high efficient gravity separators and flow sheet. Green Bushes in west Australia adopts jigging separator machines directly as rough separation equipment while Berniclake tantalite mine in Canada uses flow sheet of gravity separation-floatation separation-gravity separation with the floatation separation processes the fine mud only.

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