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total briquetting plants in maharashtra

be - briquettes | maharashtra energy development agency (govt. of maharashtra institution), india

be - briquettes | maharashtra energy development agency (govt. of maharashtra institution), india

Huge quantities of agro residues are produced but are inefficiently burnt reducing its thermal efficiency & causing extensive pollution to the environment. These agro residues can be converted to efficient green fuel by means of biomass briquettes / pellets. The major residues are rice husk, bagasse, soyabean husk, cotton stalks, groundnut shells, sawdust, mustard stalks, coir pith, jute sticks and coffee husk etc. Apart from the problems of transportation, storage and handling, the direct burning of loose biomass in conventional grates is associated with very low thermal efficiency and widespread air pollution. In addition, a large percentage of un-burnt carbonaceous ash has to be disposed of. Hence if, these materials are processed into high density fuel briquettes/pellets they can be efficiently utilized. Biomass briquetting is the densification of loose biomass material to produce compact solid composites of different sizes with the application of pressure.

A Briquette machine allows compressing above mentioned wastes into briquettes that are environmental friendly and have high calorific value. Burning briquettes as a fuel completes a natural cycle; on combustion they only release as much carbon dioxide back in the atmosphere as was originally absorbed by the growing crops during photosynthesis. Biomass briquettes can be used for power generation or for thermal application but mostly they are used for thermal application in industries replacing conventional fuel.

As a result of promotional policy, briquetting sector in the state is growing gradually, thereby developing new entrepreneurs, increased income to the farmers & generating employment for rural youths. Due to MEDAs incentive scheme, many entrepreneurs are benefitted.

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briquettes plant in maharashtra | briquetting machine press - manufacturer

briquettes plant in maharashtra | briquetting machine press - manufacturer

Maharashtra experience the hot climate so they will not be in much need of Dryer system to dry the raw material because the agro waste of Maharashtra can directly used to manufacture biomass briquette, White coal. Maharashtra is expertise in the production of crops likes sugarcane bagasse, cotton stalk, soybean stalk, Groundnut, corn crops, & many More. This will surely provide the employment to the people of Maharashtra & also promotes the agriculture as people now will get return in against of waste.

There can be a wide scope of thebiomass briquetting plantset up in theMaharashtra.In bio mass briquetting plant as per the agriculture structure of the Maharashtra Biomass such aswheat, paddy, jowar & cottonare grown so for briquetting plant owner it would be easy to acquire the agro waste from that state. From the research it is found that there were no ways forWaste Recycling so ourBriquette Making Machine Technologywill prove to be ensured opportunity of earning profits.

By selling more than 475-500 Briquetting Press, Briquetting Plant, Briquetting Machine, Briquette Machine, Briquette Press, Briquette Plant, we have contributed in employment generation in many backward area ofMaharashtra. Also we are always in the queue of generating alertness among many regions of India for eliminate the usage of Fossil Fuels and go forWhite Coal Plant, White Coal Press, White Coal Machine, White Coal Project.

In the state of Maharashtra there were few ways of earning daily bread are Agriculture and Fishing but now emphasizing onRenewable source of energy, we are in market withBiomass Briquetting Plantswhich can give new click in the mind of people along with versatile benefits of managing waste, earning good profits thusMaharashtrais one of thebooming marketfor us.

I am official agent of Briquetting since 2008 .sold more than 70 Briquetting plants in Vietnam. Best quality Briquetting Machine. Fully satisfied with the products. Timely delivery of spare parts. Frequent visit of Director to guide us in complete process for each installations.

We are a proud customer of Briquetting, because we got the latest technology machines with easy to operate control panels with sensor system buzzes when necessary with fully automatic system. They sent well qualified technician to our site who guided us in each and every step of installation, maintenance of the machine. Happy to choose Briquetting.

Good technical support, Good quality machines, easy to operate the plant because they are providing operating manuals, DVDs and all the needed stuff. And also taking regular follow-ups for services or any other technical assistance.

Since 3 years I am running the Briquetting plant & Dryer successfully & getting very good technical support from the company. Got complete guidance from start to end about the set-up. Good market in Kenya so planning to install another machine in near future.

biomass briquettes manufacturing in india

biomass briquettes manufacturing in india

This is Greenfield project on gathering vegetable waste and manufacturing solid fired biomass briquettes out of the same. Briquettes have a huge demand in industries and currently there is a shortage of supply, which gives us great potential to enter this field at the moment.

We propose to commission a plant to manufacture biomass briquettes. This plant would be an SSI, which would initially commence with a smaller capacity, with a vision to expand over the years to come. The location that has been finalized is Shirwal, a small town on the Mumbai Pune Satara highway, as the town is in close proximity to a few sugar factories and groundnut oil mills. Besides, sawdust, a main ingredient for manufacturing bagasse is also available in plenty within 100 km radius of the proposed location.

Total Capital Investment in the project is detailed below:- Plant & Machinery: Approximately Rs. 16,00,000/- per machine, 2 machines planned initially taking the total machinery cost to Rs. 32,00,000/-. Each machine capable of 20 tonnes per day; hence the ideal production cycle in one month would be 1200 tonnes per month.

- Renovation / Refurbishing Expenses: This includes all the work that needs to be done for sprucing up the existing plant and altering it according to our business requirements. This would entail a timeframe of around a month and incur an approximate cost of Rs. 10,00,000/-.

- Location & Land Costs: The ideal location to set up such a briquetting manufacturing unit would be in the Nashik Pune Satara belt, or Ahmednagar Akola Amravati belt, close to Nanded. This is because; the raw materials needed to manufacture briquettes are mostly available round the year in these areas within Maharashtra. The size of land needed to run such a facility depends on the type of raw material used, number of machines installed & production targets. The lease rentals depend on the size of the land available, proximity to the highway, facilities available such as easy transportation in the vicinity, proper 3 phase industrial electric connection, whether it is a barren land or a ready-to-use plot covered with a shed, etc.

- Electric Connection & Installation costsThe location so selected has a transformer which is of 35 bhp; however, the machinery to be installed to manufacture briquettes requires a 100-bhp 3-phased connection. Hence the cable line and the transformer would have to be upgraded and this would cost approximately Rs. 2,00,000/-.

- Daily Electricity CostsElectricity costs per month would be around Rs. 2,00,000/- out of which, only for running the 2 machines the cost could mount to around Rs. 1,50,000/- and the balance expenses for office and other consumption.

- Transportation Inward & OutwardTransportation is expected to be the highest cost centre in this entire operational schema. Both Inward & Outward transportation is likely to cost around 0.80 paise per kg, totalling to an estimated Rs. 15,50,000/- per month.

- Labour: Local labour preferred as they reduce the cost of operation significantly. Also, having local labour means that the plant is safeguarded from all odds that it can be exposed to. One skilled operator would be however, required, to run the machinery aptly and ensure optimum production from the plant. Approximate Labour cost per month would be Rs. 65,000/- for a staff of 5 people including helpers & a skilled manager.

- Operational Cost: Piston Sleeve, Gaskets & Oil Filters need to be replaced once every month. Oil running the piston smoothly needs to be drained and re-filled once after a production cycle of 1000 tonnes, again approximately once a month.

The time needed to set up a biomass briquette manufacturing plant ranges from 23 months, depending on various factors such as availability of land, machinery and raw material. The first saleable produce from the plant can be targeted around 45 months from the date of actual commencement of the project. At an estimated production of 20 tonnes per day per machine, the break even period for the project shall be around 8.72 months.

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