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used concrete grinders for sale

floor grinders & floor polishers for sale

floor grinders & floor polishers for sale

Whether you have a coated floor that is showing wear or an old concrete surface that is cracked, damaged, and stained, you need the right floor grinder to repair it effectively. We offer a wide variety of polishing and floor grinding machines capable of producing a smooth surface that looks great on its own or is ready for painting or coating.

Primarily used on concrete, marble, terrazzo, and stone, floor grinders are heavy machines capable of removing thick coatings such as mastic or epoxy, leveling uneven surfaces, and smoothing out pits and cracks that are not only unsightly, they are dangerous trip hazards that can lead to serious injury. In addition to leaving a clean, smooth surface, diamond bits in the disks of floor grinding machines polish the renewed layer for a glossy, attractive shine.

Using a floor grinder is a time saving, cost-effective alternative to having to replace your floors. It also lasts longer and looks better than patching up cracks and chips in concrete by creating a pristine, even surface.

Trying to decide between an Electric Floor Grinder or a Propane Floor Grinder? The decision might seem tough at first, but after you learn about the benefits of each kind of grinder, the choice becomes a lot easier.

When it comes to Propane Floor Grinders, their main benefit is that there is no cord holding you back. Electric Floor Grinders need to be plugged into an outlet in order to be operated, which can limit the amount of freedom the operator has to work with. Propane Floor Grinders, on the other hand, are more versatile, and the operator will feel free and unrestrained. However, they are louder, need greater amounts of ventilation, and require more maintenance than an Electric Floor Grinder.

Electric Floor grinders are better suited for indoor project since they need less ventilation and are relatively quieter than their propane counterpart. They also require less maintenance which could end up saving you money in the long run.

No matter which one you choose; Performance will not be an issue. Both Electric and Propane Floor grinders are great at what they do. It all depends on your personal preference and what kind of projects you will be working on. Learn more about when you should use a propane floor grinder over an electric floor grinder.

While there are a multitude of options for your floor grinding machine, including size and energy source, grinders are also characterized as rotary or planetary, depending on how the polishing and tooling pads are arranged. A planetary grinder uses one large disc that remains off the floor while multiple smaller discs mount to it, rotating around it to do the work. Lighter weight, these are easy to maneuver and are better for less intensive tasks like smoothing out rough spots in concrete.

Rotary floor grinders either use one main disc to grind the floor or have multiple discs that dont rely on a large central disc. These are often used for more intensive tasks and leaving a superior polish. Learn more about the differences between Planetary Floor Grinders and Rotary Floor Grinders.

At Buy Manufacturers Direct, we specialize in surface preparation and want to connect you with the right floor grinding machine for your needs. Whether you have a small space that needs refinishing or a large area requiring intensive rehabbing, we have the ideal floor grinder for you, plus a large array of floor grinding tools and accessories. Reach out to us today at(815) 278-1308or by filling out ourcontact form to get started!

used equipment | the concrete protector | grinders to mixers

used equipment | the concrete protector | grinders to mixers

DCS system with 3 heads, allows short time in surface preparation, even in the most severe environments. With its 3 heads DCS system HERCULES 650 Propane is a very efficient concrete grinder. Hercules 650 Propane combines performance and reliability of Klindex grinding and polishing machines with the flexibility of propane motor. Hercules 650 Propane allows independence from generators or power lines. This robust grinder combines its weight with a working section of 650mm, providing high productivity rates and constant performances. Hercules 650 Propane is great for outdoor applications where there is limited or no power options. Of course you also use the machine indoors, with good ventilation.

No electricity needed Exclusive DCS system No hassle of getting tangled in cord No need of a generator Accurate and reliable adjustable planetary speed Low operating vibration Indoor and outdoor Dry or wet grinding Standard 12 Gallon Water Tank Tempered steel gear transmission

Perimetric grinding and polishing machine with double counter-rotating head. Klindex patented 360 directional wheels that allow to move the machine in any direction also along the edges. Ergonomic handle permits standing up working position to avoid back pain and sore knees! Dust free working. Very balanced counter rotating double disc. *Complete of water tank, splash guard and velcro backed pad holders.

These extremely versatile direct-drive mixers have dozens of applications. They provide thorough and accurate batch mixing of liquids, powders, pastes, slurries, and granular materials. The rotating drum container is removable and easy to clean. The stationary mixing paddle provides both radial and axial action, and it scrapes the side and bottom of the drum for complete mixing. The wheels and handle enable easy movement.

2015 lavina 20n-x concrete grinder in miami, florida, united states (asia-pacific item #4178938)

2015 lavina 20n-x concrete grinder in miami, florida, united states (asia-pacific item #4178938)

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