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vibrating screen o que é

how to fix screen flickering problem on windows 10 | windows central

how to fix screen flickering problem on windows 10 | windows central

Generally speaking, the majority of users won't experience significant difficulties installing or upgrading to Windows 10. However, building an operating system that runs across thousands of hardware configurations is a complex task, as such it's expected that some PCs may run into issues.

If everything on the screen flickers, but Task Manager doesn't, then you're dealing with an incompatible application. In the case that Task Manager flickers along with everything else on the screen, then the problem is most likely to be the graphics drivers.

If you have successfully addressed the issue, but you need the application, make sure to check the software company's support website for more information, an updated version, or alternative options that will work on Windows 10.

Windows Update always delivers the most compatible device drivers, but it doesn't mean that they're the most recent version available. Alternatively, instead of using Windows Update, you can download and install the required driver manually from your graphics card manufacturer's website of course, you'll need to know which graphics card is installed in your computer, which you can find by looking up your system information.

In case the latest driver doesn't fix the flickering problem on your computer, as a last resort you can try to download and install an older version of the driver from your manufacturer's support website (if available). While you may miss out on new improvements and features, sometimes an older version of the driver may work better on your computer.

The caveat installing an older version of the driver is that Windows Update may try to replace it with a newer version. If the previous version is working on your computer, you can temporarily prevent the operating system from updating a particular driver.

Destiny 2's Grandmaster Nightfalls are arguably the most difficult pieces of content in the game, but they're also extremely rewarding. Here's an in-depth guide on how to prepare for and overcome Grandmaster Nightfalls and earn the prestigious Conqueror title.

deister machine vibrating screens

deister machine vibrating screens

As a family-owned business for nearly a century, Deister Machine Company, Inc., plays an integral part within the aggregate industry. Many of the world's largest producers prefer its high quality line of feeding, scalping and screening equipment. Its products integrate with all components of the production system, while delivering maximum performance and productivity. In fact, some of the earliest models of Deister vibrating screens are still in operation.

7 best vibrating alarm clocks for the deaf & hard of hearing hear soundly

7 best vibrating alarm clocks for the deaf & hard of hearing hear soundly

A few years ago, while in New York on business, I woke up to the sun streaming through my hotel room andsaw 9:15 AMon my phone. I had overslept my alarm! My 7:30 AM breakfast meeting had come and gone. Texts filled my screen, asking if I was ok, and a second meeting was starting in 15 minutes. After muttering a few ch$%ce words, I leaped out of bed, threw on the first clothes I could find, and ran for the door.

For anyone in the hard of hearing community, alarm clocks are anything but simple. For some, max volume isnt enough to wake them; for others, a loud volume is jarring to their partner. And for those who dont hear at all, sound-based alarms arent a solution.

Note that I have mild/moderate hearing loss, so this research is largely based on the experiences of others, internet reviews and product feature research. If you have suggestions or questions Id love to hear from you!

SIMPLE OR FEATURE RICHSome clocks have only a few buttons and a limited set of features. Others have numerous customization options (volume, duration of snooze time, multi partner settings and more). While I wont outline every single feature below, Ill breakdown the key customizations that are available.

If you can look past the slightly aggressive name for a moment, youll find a feature-rich, highly reliable option with over ten thousand 5 star reviews on Amazon. The Sonic Bomb has three features that you can customize. The first is an up to 113 dB alarm volume (a car horn is 110 dB). The second is a set of flashing lights on the front of the clock, and the third is a bed shaker that will vibrate your side of the bed and is convenient for those who dont want to wake their partner. The clock is $32 on Amazon, and the only downside is that its a bit large for regular travel.

Features: Battery backup if the power goes out. Separate wake up times for two partners. Green design reduces power usage by 60%. Size: Weighs 1 Pound, 7 x 7 x 6 inchesWaking Style: Use the bed shaker, flashing red lights, extra loud alarm sound or all threePrice: $32 on Amazon or at retailers like Walmart and Home Depot

This alarm makes the list for a full suite of features and a distinctly stylish aesthetic that merges analog and digital. The alarm starts quiet and ultimately can reach a VERY loud 100db. The Bellman also has LED lights that flash and a bed vibrator that is one of the most powerful on the market. The Bellman gets excellent reviews for its range of features, including a turn dial that changes the time instead of the traditional buttons that most clocks use.

Features: Turn dial makes for easier time changes, smart snooze reduces the time between alarms after you snooze the first timeSize: Weighs 1 Pound, 6.1 x 5.7 x 6.5 inchesWaking Style: Progressively louder alarm, lights, bed shaker or all threePrice: $112 on Amazon

This alarm clock makes the list for its simple tech-forward look and top-notch reviews. The alarm clock gets 80% 4 and 5-star reviews on Amazon and is loved for its simplicity of design and ease of use. The alarm clock allows for vibration alarm, sound alarm (up to 90 dB), or both. This clock also has two spaces for phones or hearing aids to be plugged in for charge overnight. If you are considering this model, Id recommend watching IBertz YouTube reviewhere.

Features: Features two plugs for charging. Has a backup battery. Digital numbers can be dimmed for deeper sleep. Size: 12.7 ounces, 6.69 x 2.36 x 3.27 inchesWaking Style: Sound, vibration through a bed shaker or bothPrice: $28 on Amazon

This 9-ounce alarm clock is perfect for travelers looking for a clock that has the power to get them up no matter what timezone they are on. The Serene Innovations VA3 has a built-in flashing light, vibrator, and very loud alarm. The alarms gradually increase in intensity to ensure you wake up. The device uses 3 AA batteries and comes with a clip that can be attached to your pillow if you prefer to use only the vibrator alarm option.

The Vibio is a sleek wireless bed shaker that connects with your phone via Bluetooth. I had a chance to try this product at home and found the app to be simple and loved the minimalist product design. You can create multiple vibrating alarms, choose the vibration power and even allow notifications from your phone. Bellman has an impressive legacy of creating design forward products for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community and this alarm is no exception.

For those that live with roommates or sleep with a partner, a vibrating watch alarm could be a great solution. The Shake-N-Wake gets good reviews for effectively getting you out of bed and for its sleek design. There are some complaints online about a tedious setup process and some necessary features like a stopwatch, but if you can look past the initial setup, this is a cost-effective solution that wont wake the whole house.

Features: Comfortable wrist wrap, LED backlight, battery poweredSize: 4 OZ meant for wear on the wrist at nightWaking Style: Vibration with the option of also adding a soundPrice: $16 on Amazon or $19 on Urban Outfitters

If you have mild to moderate hearing loss and are tech curious, you might appreciate DeafWake. The iOS app was created by a deaf person to support the community. DeafWake is $1.99 in the app store and allows you to set an alarm with wake features including vibration, sound, the camera light, and the display screen. This app wont shake the house like the Sonic Bomb, but it might be the supercharge your phone needs. DeafWake also offers an Apple Watch option which can vibrate on your wrist to wake you without waking your partner.

I hope this guide has been helpful in your search for an alarm clock that fits your needs. If you have suggestions or questions, let me know in the comments or shoot me an email at blake(at)hearsoundly.com.

como gravar vdeos de jogos no windows 10 | ifun screen recorder

como gravar vdeos de jogos no windows 10 | ifun screen recorder

Vivemos em um mundo altamente desenvolvido e bem conectado, onde as pessoas esto conectadas umas s outras por meio da Internet. Hoje comum para um criador de contedo compartilhar momentos de felicidade, alegria, tristeza, angstia em mdias sociais e sites de vdeo. Como jogador, para manter a memria do seu jantar de frango no PUBG, para compartilhar a emoo com seus amigos por fazer um Pentakill em League of Legends, ou um fantstico guia passo a passo de DOOM Eternal. Todas essas conquistas que voc deseja registrar dos momentos de triunfo. Como gravar vdeos de jogos? Como um gravador de teladesempenha um papel insubstituvel nagravao de vdeo de jogo no PC? E quais so suas vantagens e desvantagens? Vamos analisar isto juntos.

Hoje em dia a gravao de tela no um mistrio. A Microsoft adicionou uma combinao de ferramentas embutida no Windows 10, a Barra de Jogos Xbox do Windows. De modo a auxiliar os esforos dos jogadores para gravar seu vdeo de jogo. Ela tem um suporte decente ( bom, mas no perfeito) para usurios e jogadores que precisam gravar seu vdeo de jogo. E algumas outras funes adicionais que podem ser usadas para aprimorar sua experincia no jogo.

Etapa 1. Como uma das funes nativas do Microsoft Windows 10, a Barra de Jogo Xbox basicamente voltada para jogos e dedicada a aprimorar a experincia do jogador. Falando sobre como gravar o vdeo do jogo. Voc pode ativar o menu da Barra de jogos Xbox pressionando a combinao de teclas "Win + G" ou pesquisar na Cortana digitando "Barra de jogos Xbox" e executar o aplicativo.

Etapa 2. Durante o jogo, pressioneWin + G, a Barra de Jogo Xbox aparecer na tela frontal. O design da interface do usurio bonito e incrvel. Encontre o boto Gravar com um cone que se parece com um ponto branco no crculo e clique nele. Ou voc pode pressionarWin + Alt + G, o gravador ser instantaneamente ativado e iniciar a gravao.

Etapa 3. Um cronmetro de gravao aparecer no canto superior esquerdo. Voc pode parar a gravao do vdeo do jogo clicando no boto Parar a gravao no painel (um bloco branco em um crculo azul). Alm disso, voc pode desativar o som clicando no boto do microfone.

As restries da Microsoft probem voc de gravar o que quiser. Nem tudo na tela pode ser gravado tambm. Para proteger a propriedade intelectual e os direitos autorais, a Microsoft no quer que voc grave tudo, pois isso pode interferir nos seus negcios. Por esse motivo, voc pode ter muitos problemas ao usar a Barra de jogos Xbox para gravar vdeos, pois ela tem muitos cortes. De qualquer forma, isso tambm significa que voc no poder gravar nada alm do jogo. J que a Xbox Game Bar impede que voc grave o Windows explorer, como gravar sua tela no Windows 10 com som?

Visto que h muitas restries e limitaes, usar a Barra de Jogo Xbox para gravar vdeo de jogo s vezes uma tarefa difcil.Imagine se voc est jogando PUBG no modo de janela e assistindo ao vdeo do guia do jogo no YouTube simultaneamente. Devido restrio de funes da Barra de Jogo Xbox, nem voc pode capturar o jogo, j que este est sendo executado em modo de janela, nem voc pode gravar a tela inteira com o jogo. Se voc tentar gravar a tela, haver uma grande chance de que a Barra de Jogo Xbox lhe diga Os recursos de jogo no esto disponveis para a rea de trabalho do Windows ou para o Explorador de Arquivos para informar que voc est filmando o contedo que no foi aprovado para ser gravado.

Felizmente, temos um gravador de tela substituto que pode nos ajudar a gravar o vdeo do jogo no PC. Uma alternativa que fornece uma boa soluo para fazer o trabalho de gravao sem funes limitadas, o iFun Screen Recorder

Etapa 1. O gravador de tela iFun no difcil de usar, a interface pode no parecer to sofisticada quanto a barra de jogo do Xbox. Mas o design intuitivo e suas funes principais so listadas de forma clara e acessveis. No h opes espalhadas pelo painel de controle, mas suas funes principais so simples de usar.

Etapa 2. Certifique-se de executar o iFun Screen Recorder. Voc pode encontrar cinco botes visveis que mostram as funes principais do iFun Screen Recorder na interface principal. Clique em Selecionar uma regio para definir a zona da tela que voc deseja gravar seu jogo (tela cheia suportada). Voc pode ajustar a zona de gravao ao definir a borda para um melhor ajuste na gravao de vdeo do jogo no modo Windows.

Etapa 3. direita, h trs botes em sequncia: liga/desliga a gravao de udio da fonte do alto-falante; liga/desliga a gravao de udio da fonte do microfone; mostrar o mouse mais grosso durante a gravao. esquerda voc ver que h um boto vermelho REC. Clique nele para gravar a tela quando voc estiver preparado. Voc tambm pode usar os atalhos de teclado. Pressione F9 para gravar, F10 para pausar e F11 para fazer a captura de tela.A barra de status aparecer no canto direito, voc pode clicar no boto gravar para pausar e parar a gravao clicando no retngulo vermelho (Parar gravao). O gravador de tela iFun tambm permite que voc faa uma captura de tela durante a gravao, simplesmente clicando no boto da cmera na barra.

Etapa 5. O Gravador de Tela iFun oferece um conjunto de configuraes que podem fazer ajustes completos e detalhados para a gravao. Ele permite que voc determine o formato do vdeo, a taxa de quadros, a frequncia da taxa de bits de udio, etc.

Podemos admitir que a Microsoft se beneficia de sua longa histria em pesquisa de produtos e assimilao do design da srie Xbox. No h dvida de que a Barra de Jogos Xbox do Windows tem um visual mais atrativo do que o iFun Screen Recorder. Botes e teclas esto organizados de forma organizada emum painel compacto, cones simples em fundo preto so exemplos perfeitos de design simples.

Mas, ao contrrio, seu design sofisticado pode confundir os usurios e distrair sua ateno. iFun Screen Recorder, neste domnio, apresenta uma orientao clara e inequvoca para os usurios, que pode ser um profissional que o iFun Screen Recorder se beneficia de seu design de UI simples.

Os dois so timos quanto sua acessibilidade. Ambos podem ser ativados pressionando a combinao de teclas de atalho, a Microsoft, de certa forma, fora a Barra de Jogo Xbox por ser uma funo embutida. Por outro lado, o gravador de tela iFun funciona perfeitamente, pressionando F9, F10, F11 e voc pode facilmente manipular e controlar o processo de gravao de vdeo do jogo. Eles j esto configurados dessa forma.

Se nosso objetivo gravar e editar as gravaes de vdeos de jogos, devemos ter a opo de gerenciar, ajustar o parmetro do vdeo como formato de vdeo, taxa de quadros de vdeo, qualidade, etc. A Barra de Jogo Xbox no permite que seus usurios faam personalizaes detalhadas conforme necessrio, at mesmo ajustar a zona de captura do gravador que no compatvel com a Barra de Jogo Xbox. No entanto, o iFun Screen Recorder suporta quase todas as opes possveis para gravar um vdeo da tela capturada, at mesmo gravar a tela em formato GIF para melhor compartilhamento em BBS ou SNS, aquelas comunidades online baseadas em texto e imagem. Neste requisito, o iFun Screen Recorder , sem dvida, a melhor opo.

Em concluso, a Barra de Jogos Xbox do Windows preferida como uma ferramenta conveniente que lida com tarefas casuais. Mas sem a funcionalidade completa, mtodos profissionais de gravao e captura, a Barra de Jogo Xbox deixa a desejar. Por outro lado, o iFun Screen Recorder deve atender as necessidades especficas para melhor gravao de vdeos de jogos, pois fornece uma soluo completa que foca na qualidade da gravao. A melhor soluo a escolha de um produto adequado para as suas necessidades.

the bivitec vibrating screen | aggregates equipment, inc

the bivitec vibrating screen | aggregates equipment, inc

BIVITEC allows the screening of the most difficult materials without plugging or blinding. The unique action of the deck provides high acceleration forces on the material to keep the deck free and clear.

Developed to screen even the most problematic materials, the BIVITECs unique dual-vibratory screening process eliminates clogging and blinding of the screen openings to save downtime and increase productivity.

To ensure the most effective screening, high-acceleration forces must be transferred to the feed material. The BIVITEC Screen achieves these high forces by dynamically tensioning and relaxing the flexible screen mats using a dual vibration principal. Enhanced by resonance, one drive can produce two vibration movements. The screen box is accelerated approximately 2gs while the screen mats can receive up to 50gs.

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