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vibro separator and filter gyro screening machine for charcoal

gyro screen - screening and separating equipment

gyro screen - screening and separating equipment

Material handling equipments and screening machine has a diverse range and various uses to perform separation task. These machines often work together to produce the end product. In every processing industry, its not always easy to understand the importance of each machine.

In many industrial sector screening and separating task is the most important for getting the desired product. Basically, screening is important because its separate raw material from a crusher or quarry into finder grades, coming closer to an end product.

Gyro screen is the machine used during the mechanical screening process, basically used to separate one material from another. Depending on the applications gyro screen is designed by the industries. It handles all the screening problems such as sieving, grading, separating, screening or scalping bulk materials. Day-by-day the problem of separating and screening of bulk materials are rising, because machines are not highly efficient to handle screening problems.

All industries are looking for high-performance gyro screen machine which separates solids and liquids easily. And they are also looking for low maintenance cost gyro screen because gyro screen machine has a disadvantage of high maintenance cost.

Gyro screen is widely used to handle all screening problems such as sieving, grading, separating or scalping bulk materials. Gyro Screen uses gyratory motion generated by vibratory motors. It is specially designed to adjust easily; it allows complete material control to optimize separation quality.

Basically, motor shaft carries the weight when the material falls down to it, it consists of 2mm size the material thats size is 1mm or less than to 2mm falls down to the bottom tray. And the cleaned material falls down to the other side of the machine.

Gyro screen machine is not effective for moist, adhesive or oddly shaped material. During this separation process, all materials are not separated properly as required. The rotor shafts are not working properly because of that the separation process slows down.

The sizes of the net in the gyro screener are limited to a certain number of length which doesnt separate material greater than to 2mm. It cannot be used for a bulk amount of product and blinding may reduce efficiency in gyrator screeners.

Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers, exporter and suppliers of magnetic separators and vibratory equipments. We have 38+ years of experience in solving problems related to Gyro screen machine. Our machines are designed and developed under the guidance of highly experienced staff which are always ready to solve problems of customers.

Our machine has an advantage of low power consumption and it separates the material very accurately. We design a various range of screening machine like single, double and triple deck type as per the clients requirement. Gyro screen is also known as a vibro sifter in the market. We manufactured our gyro screen in M.S and S.S material for the most effective and accurate separation.

Jaykrishna Magnetics Pvt. Ltd. is the leading manufacturer and exporter of Magnetic and Vibratory Equipments in India. We are established since 1978. The unique and premium structural design imparts quality and elegance to our products. Our focus is on continuously improving our process, service and products to exceed the benchmarks set by our competitors and offer better products to you.

vibro screen : working principle, features, application, advantages of vibro screen offered by vijimech

vibro screen : working principle, features, application, advantages of vibro screen offered by vijimech

Vibroscreen utilizes gyratory vibration, the most effective method for vibrational screening. It causes 100% rotary motion and causes dispersion stirring & stratification of material to be sifted. Feed material constantly flows in Horizontal motion along a loop pattern on Vibroscreen surface."VIJIMECH" vibroscreen sifter provides optimum screening & assures maximum feed-rate & efficiency.

Vibroscreen are driven by a special type of vertically mounted motor having eccentric at the upper & lower end of the shaft. Rotation of out of balance top weight causes vibration in Horizontal plane whereas the rotation of lower weight causes tilt & vibrations in vertical plane.

The heart of the Vibroscreen is its special heavy duty, Robust Motor, having out of balance weight at top & bottom. By changing their lead angle, various spiral-screening patterns are obtained to suit different application.It is also called Vibro energy separator.

Vijimech is a leading name in manufacturer of separation machinery . We are proven supplier of separation equipment located in in Vatva - Ahmedabad - Gujarat . We have representation throughout India . A major sales percentage of machinery is towards exports . We are direct exporter of machinery in various regions.

Vijimech Gyroscreens are continuous process vibrating screen equipment for carrying out various Versatile, Reliable and Economical Size Based Separation like Screening, Sifting, Classification, Grading, Oversize or Undersize Removal, De-Dusting, De-Watering, De-Lumping, Fiber Recovery, Filtration, Pre-Filtration and Scalping.

Vijimech Vibroscreens are Gyratory / Vibratory Sieving Machine designed on the principle of gyratory motion generated by a strong vibratory motor. The separation carried out can be soild - solid , solid - liquid or a slurry application

Vijimech Vibro screens are mostly known Gyro Screen or known by their application name like Grader, Classifier, Separator , Sorter ,Filter , Screening Machine , Screener, Vibrator, Sifter , vibrosifter , vibro-sifter or vibro shifter

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