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cow manure pellet machine | disc & organic & two-in-one granulator

cow manure pellet machine | disc & organic & two-in-one granulator

Cow manure fertilizer pellet machine is a kind of granulator which can efficiently turn cow dung into high quality fertilizer granules. Like other livestock manure, cow manure is a kind of high efficiency fertilizer to the growth of plant. But in fact, the moisture content of cow waste is higher than 85%, so it has poor permeability and is difficult to play fertility. To help you get more profits from cow waste, we designed three kinds of cow manure fertilizer pellet machine with advanced technology. More importantly, choosing our fertilizer granulators, you will also get considerate service. The following part is detailed information about cow manure granulating equipment, you will learn more about them.

Cows produce a lot of manure every day, for large cattle farm owners, the management of cow waste may be a complicated problem. And improper handling can also cause environmental pollution. In recent years, organic fertilizer manufacturing plants developing rapidly, more and more people choose to make cow manure into pellets by using cow manure fertilizer pellet machine. Choosing granulating can save you many times of dealing them. You wont be worried about how to dispose the cow waste.

Granulating makes useless cow dung with high valuable. Whats more, you can use them for your own crops or sell them to get economical profits. Most importantly, granulated cow manure will greatly reduce the pollution of cow manure raw materials. To sum up, there are great benefits to make cow waste into granules.

Knowing the benefits of granulating, it is also important to choose the suitable cow manure fertilizer pellet machine. As a professional fertilizer equipment supplier, we designed many kinds of organic fertilizer granulating equipment. As for making cow manure pellets, you may find the ideal machine from the following three granulators.

With 93% granulating rate, our disk granulator is the most excellent equipment for cattle waste granulating. Cow waste granules made by this granulator have uniform size, beautiful appearance and compact structure. As for capacity, there are 12 models can be your choices. The smallest capacity is 0.02t/h and the largest capacity is 6t/h. Wherever you want the granulator to work, such as the laboratory, cow manure organic fertilizer making plant or compound fertilizer producing factory, it always can work perfectly for you.

This kind of cow manure fertilizer pellet machine also called stirring teeth granulator. When granulating, cow waste rotating with the stirring teeth and rolling to balls. You can predetermine the pellet size by adjusting the speed of rotor.

To meet your different requirements of capacity, we designed 5 models of this granulator. The smallest capacity is 1t/h, the largest capacity is 8t/h. Like pan granulator, it can be used in every scale of cow manure granulating process. But the difference is the stirring teeth granulating machine making cow dung balls in the sealed drum, that will keep raw materials moisture content very well, which makes the granulating process more efficiently.

Two-in-one type granulator is also known as rotary drum churning granulator. Based on the rotating of stirring tooth, it also has a rotatable drum. When granulating, the stirring teeth and the drum rotating at the same time, then the cow manure turning into balls with the high-speed rotating. In fact, this cow manure fertilizer pellet machine is the combination of rotary drum granulator and stirring teeth granulator. But it has larger capacity and consumes lower power. The granulating rate is also higher than other granulators.

According to customer feedback, we learned that the traditional drum always be stuck with fertilizer, and the scraper device cant solve this trouble efficiently. Through continuously attempting, we use special rubber lining or acid-proof stainless-steel lining inside the drum. As a result, fertilizer is not easy to stick on the drum and the efficiency of granulating has been greatly improved.

In the past, because of the limited technical level, the granulating rate of traditional cow manure granulator is even lower than 70%, and the quality of granules are also not well. Through these years development, we constantly introduce high-quality talents and advanced technology to improve the quality of our machines.

Taking disk cow manure fertilizer pellet machine as an example, because of the high moisture, cow manure always stuck on the pan when granulating in the past. The rate of cow manure granulating is very low. But now, we equip motor-less combination scraper. If the cow waste raw materials stuck on the pan, the scraper will scrape them down and make sure they can continue to be granulated. As a result, the granulating rate of disc cow manure granulator can reach more than 93%.

All the above granulators adopts wet granulation method. It not just because the high moisture of cow manure, but also the fertilizer granules produced by wet granulation have more beautiful appearance and higher quality. After the cow waste moisture was disposed to 20%-40%, they can be granulated by those wet fertilizer granulators. Because of suitable moisture, the raw material bond easily to balls even without blinders. Whats more, you wont worry about the air pollution caused by cow waste dry powder. That is also a good way to improve the granulating rate.

All these granulators we designed adopt automatic control system, that means they can make cow dung fertilizer granules without human control, you just need to set the working time and mode for the machine. As a result, these granulators can save you a lot of cost of manpower and energy. Otherwise, we use high quality granulating parts for our cow manure granulators, that makes granulating process more efficient and cost less power.

In fact, to make high quality cow manure granules more efficiently, a single cow manure fertilizer pellet machine is not enough. At first, the moisture of cow waste is about 85%. It has fine texture, poor permeability and is difficult to compost and ferment. So they need to be dried to suitable moisture at 20%-40%. You can put them outdoor and let them air dry naturally. But that will cause air pollution and delay your granulating plan. To shorten the dehydration process and make cow manure pellets more efficiently, we designed solid-liquid separator machine. It can reduce the moisture of cow manure greatly; the quality of final fertilizer pellets can also be improved very well.

Another point is the nutrient contents of cow manure are uneven, the nutrition of cow waste are not used well. To balance the nutrition contents of cow manure, we designed fertilizer batching machine. They can batch nutrient elements to the cattle manure evenly. After then, you can use our mixing equipment and cow manure fertilizer pellet machine for mixing and cow manure granulation.

As an experienced fertilizer machine manufacturer, we can provide you high quality machines, help you make more profits from producing organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer. Furthermore, no matter you have just begun your cow manure granulation project or you just want to buy a particular granulator, you can get our considerate service.

If you want to set up a cow dung fertilizer production factory and dont know how to choose and operate the equipment, we can make complete cow manure fertilizer production plans for you. If you worry about the final productions, you can post us at least 10kg cow, and we will be making them into pellets according to your requirements, then you will receive the final granules. Considering you may dont know how to build the plant; our project planner can design the layout of equipment based on your ideal capacity. And we have technicians to teach and help you how to install, operate, and maintain the equipment.

If you just want to buy a particular granulator machine, we can provide you the most efficient and economic equipment. Or we can custom the machine according to your special requirements, such as the capacity, power, granulating mold, color, and so on. After you get the machine, like mentioned above, our project planner can give you relevant help to ensure you can plan your cow waste fertilizer production line smoothly.

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